Three questions about the new logo for Roberto Cirillo

Swiss Post is modernizing its logo. In this short interview, CEO Roberto Cirillo shares his thoughts on this and tells us why he’s delighted with the new logo.

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Roberto Cirillo

Roberto, Swiss Post is modernizing its logo and will in future have just one single logo for all languages. This means that Postbuses will again carry the same logo as letter boxes and branches, as they used to in the past. Why take this step now?

There are several reasons why the modernization of Swiss Post’s logo couldn’t come at a better time, and I pushed ahead with it accordingly. With our “Swiss Post of tomorrow” strategy, we are in the midst of a fundamental transformation of Swiss Post towards a much more digital, sustainable company that wants and needs to remain relevant to its customers and employees in the future. The new, uniform logo unifies each of Switzerland’s language regions in equal measure, just as Swiss Post has done since it was founded. Next year, we celebrate our 175th anniversary. Symbolically, there’s no better time to modernize the logo.  The new logo is also much easier to use in the digital world, it’s eye-catching, and it offers immediate brand recognition.

Changing a logo is always a bold step. Moving on from the past and breaking new ground. Do you think people will accept the new logo?

I firmly believe that they will. The new logo is so much simpler and stronger than the old logos, and most importantly, it unifies Switzerland’s different language regions – just as Swiss Post does in everyday life. In designing the modernized logo, we consciously built on the strengths of past logos and transferred these qualities into the modern age. I’m delighted that our logo now also reflects the evolution that Swiss Post has experienced since the beginning of rapid digitization.

How quick will the changeover to the modernized logo be? Will the new logo suddenly appear everywhere with a big fanfare?

No. We will not roll out the modernized logo everywhere overnight, but gradually over the next five years. The logo will initially be replaced where it is possible to do so easily, where it is particularly visible, or when the logo needs to be changed or installed anyway. In the coming years, you can therefore expect to see the old logo and the new, modern logo on vehicles and buildings. 


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