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Powering a digital and connected Switzerland

Our everyday life is becoming more and more digital, and people’s needs are changing. Data and simple, careful data handling are becoming increasingly important. Communication Services supports this development and is bringing mail secrecy into the digital world. In doing so, we’re focusing on the needs of private individuals, companies, public authorities and the healthcare sector. We facilitate intuitive digital interaction for them and the simple and secure handling of their data.

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Communication Services is one of the five Group units  at Swiss Post. It was founded in January 2021 and is led by Nicole Burth.

Nicole Burth, Head of Communication Services

The everyday lives of people and companies are becoming increasingly digital. We at Communication Services want to play a key role in shaping this trend.

Nicole Burth, Head of Communication Services

With the support of Communication Services, private individuals, companies, public authorities and the healthcare sector can take advantage of the benefits of digitization. Together with our subsidiaries, we offer holistic and trustworthy solutions that drive forward digital networking simply and securely.

Corporate solutions with impact

Digitization specialist KLARATarget not accessible Business Ltd offers Swiss companies solutions so they can digitize their business and optimize their processes. It means companies’ admin tasks become simpler, faster and more efficient. From payslips and insurance to accident reporting and accounting, solutions from KLARA lighten their administrative load. Thanks to the ePost-AppTarget not accessible, Swiss Post’s digital mailbox, customers can manage their private office digitally in just a few clicks. With the ePost communication platform, Swiss Post offers companies, public authorities and the healthcare sector a digital interface to communicate and interact with their customers via the preferred channel.

A healthy dose of innovation

As an integrated service provider for the electronic patient record (EPR)Target not accessible in Switzerland, Swiss Post offers protected access to sensitive health data, making a key contribution to digitization in the healthcare sector. Since the autumn of 2022, it has worked closely with digital health specialist Post Sanela Health AGTarget not accessible. “CuoreTarget not accessible – the Swiss health platform”, another service from Swiss Post, is a secure and neutral networking platform offering various services. Swiss Post also offers the ICT solution Time4PatientTarget not accessible an all-inclusive package for Swiss healthcare practices − thanks to innovative practice software and secure IT services from a single source.

More connection, less administration

With secure software and cloud solutions, e-government specialist DialogTarget not accessible in German-speaking Switzerland and data security specialist Groupe T2iTarget not accessible in Western Switzerland are making towns, cities and municipalities fit for the digital future. The e-voting systemTarget not accessible developed by Swiss Post has complete verifiability and is expected to be made available to interested cantons in 2023.

More products for greater security in digital interactions

Cybersecurity plays a central role in the security of digital services and digital information flows. Cybersecurity specialists HacknowledgeTarget not accessible and terreActive LtdTarget not accessible support public authorities, companies and Swiss Post in detecting and responding to targeted cyberattacks.

IncaMailTarget not accessible is the Swiss Post e-mail encryption service ensuring simple and secure e-mailing of sensitive messages and documents. IncaMail can be integrated with an existing e-mail client or in-house business software.

Data security specialist TresoritTarget not accessible empowers everyone, from companies to individuals, to take back control of their digital data using end-to-end encryption. As a secure alternative to Dropbox, Google Drive and OneDrive, Tresorit provides a solution for the shared use, management and control of data within and outside of a company.

Data security specialist SwissSignTarget not accessible provides solutions for secure and easy data handling, e.g. electronic signature and certificates and identity solutions such as SwissIDTarget not accessible.

With the digitization specialist UnbluTarget not accessible, Swiss Post offers a platform for the secure exchange of confidential information in dialogue with customers. It consists of a range of digital products that enable the provision of personalized, flexible and efficient digital advice and support – via all communication channels.

With SpotMeTarget not accessible, Swiss Post is helping its business customers to make their communication more efficient, engaging and location-independent as part of digitization. SpotMe specializes in particular in sectors within a regulated environment, such as pharmaceuticals or professional services.

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