Facts about Swiss Post

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Roberto Cirillo, CEO of Swiss Post, together with employees.

Dear Visitor

Facts form the basis of our assessments, decisions and actions. This is why we have compiled some fascinating facts about Swiss Post for you. We explode the most common myths about Swiss Post and provide information about our services, our regulatory framework, our role as an employer and our public service mission. Swiss Post is a diverse and fascinating company with a single, discerning owner: the Swiss public.

But facts alone are not enough – Swiss Post also inspires emotions. We are proud of our history. However, we are even more interested in our future. We are moving ahead in dialogue with society, business and politicians. We tailor our services to our customers’ different needs, no matter whether they are individuals, companies, organizations or institutions. Together with them, we shape our future and bolster our contribution to Switzerland.

Kind regards

Roberto Cirillo
Swiss Post

Alexander Fleischer
Head of Communication
Swiss Post