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Four facts about PostBus Switzerland

The yellow Postbuses with their three-tone horn are unmistakable. Regional passenger transport (RPT) is at the heart of PostBus’s activities. Did you know that over 25 percent of Swiss municipalities are accessible by public transport only via PostBus?

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A city landscape with Postbuses.

936 routes served, with around 350,000 commuters every day

PostBus also operates in local transport and provides school bus and rail replacement services. In addition, it provides system services for public transport, such as solutions for ticket control, payment collection and passenger counting.

By fulfilling these core public transport tasks, PostBus contributes to the social, economic and ecological benefits of public transport and the high quality of life in Switzerland.

More than 100 million passengers per year

RPT has grown strongly in the past ten years. While PostBus transported 115 million passengers in 2008, the figure had risen to around 167 million by 2019. There was a decline in 2020 during the coronavirus pandemic, with a total of approximately 127 million passengers.

2,400 vehicles on the road – all electric by 2040

As the largest public transport company on Swiss roads, PostBus has a special responsibility with regard to sustainability. That’s why the company has ambitious goals: by 2024, 100 Postbuses with alternative (i.e. electric) drives will be in use. All 2,400 vehicles will be electric by 2040.

Regional transport – tried and tested, yet innovative

The current regional transport system has categorically proved its worth. However, customers’ needs are constantly changing. For this reason, public transport companies, and indeed the federal government and the cantons, must find ways to make innovations feasible and affordable, even on the subsidized market.