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Due to the fact that the federal government has declared a special situation regarding coronavirus, no guided tours will be held in the letter and parcel centers in the near future.

This measure will help to ensure that Swiss Post can continue to provide the universal service and fulfil its responsibilities towards its customers and employees. Thank you for your understanding.

Whether receiving goods, during sorting, picking or outgoing goods, Swiss Post uses the latest technology at every stage of the letter processing chain. Each day, around 15,000 employees ensure that more than 16 million consignments reach their recipients and the high delivery standards set by Swiss Post are met.

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The main letter processing hubs are Eclépens, Härkingen and Zurich-Mülligen. The mail is transported between the letter centers by rail, and distributed across the regions by trucks. Six regional logistics centers for the processing of letters and two logistics centers for the return and video coding of consignments also form part of Swiss Post’s processing and distribution network.

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Eclépens letter center

Modern equipment and three-shift operation enable several million letter consignments heading into and out of Western Switzerland to be processed every day.

Guided tour in the Eclépens letter center.

“Directions to Eclépens”

Härkingen letter center

State-of-the-art infrastructure spanning 105,000 m2 can process several million letters every day.

Guided tour in the Härkingen letter center.

“Directions to Härkingen”

Zurich-Mülligen letter center

Across a total surface area of 70,000 m2 spread over two floors, state-of-the-art technology ensures several million letters are processed every day.

Guided tour in the Zurich-Mülligen letter center.

“Directions to Zurich-Mülligen”

Important information

Details on guided tours

A guided tour in one of our letter centers will give you background information and allow you to experience state-of-the-art processing technology. It lasts about two hours. You will spend one hour walking around the letter center.

Days of the week

Guided tours take place from Monday to Friday.


Guided tours of our letter centers are free.

Minimum age

Visitors must be at least ten years old (4th school year).

Letter center locations

A letter’s journey from A to Z
The work we do on your behalf

Just how letters are processed can be seen from the journey the letters take. Swiss Post works around the clock to ensure your letters reach recipients on time. Several thousand employees make this happen on a daily basis.

Letter center impressions
Travelling around the clock

The photos and video about the letter center will provide you with a clear insight into the processes involved in processing and delivering letter mail. Reliable employees and modern sorting and conveyance facilities in the letter centers guarantee a smooth process.