The postal network of the future

The postal network is to be made bigger and more diverse – Swiss Post aims to create a network of over 4,200 access points by 2020. This will consist of a mix of needs-oriented branches and supplementary service points in line with regional requirements.

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The habits of postal customers are changing. Instead of relying on traditional post offices, customers are increasingly carrying out their postal transactions around the clock, using smartphones on the go or PCs at home. Swiss Post is responding to this by increasingly focusing on providing a mix of physical and digital access points tailored to local requirements.

In dialogue with politicians and the public

The postal network is being developed in intensive discussion with the public, municipalities and cantons. Regional postal service requirements were discussed in an initial round of talks with all cantons. This included factors such as geographic location in rural areas, compatibility with cantonal structure plans and regional economic or demographic trends. Regional requirements were examined in greater depth and consolidated in a second round of discussions with cantonal representatives. Swiss Post will use this as the basis for publishing the cornerstones of future postal services in each canton, thus ensuring transparency and planning security. The concrete implementation will be carried out in trusted dialogue with the municipalities.

Over 4,200 access points

Swiss Post aims to establish a network of over 4,200 access points by 2020. In addition to partner branches, it will also deploy solutions such as the home delivery service, My Post 24 terminals and additional acceptance and collection points. Swiss Post expects to have a network of 800 to 900 post branches by 2020. It will apply regional criteria to the network development to ensure that towns acting as local centers and remote valley communities always have direct access to a post branch.

There are currently no plans to systematically alter the network after 2020. Swiss Post is changing its network because customer behaviour is changing. For this reason, it is possible that there will still be some modifications to the branch network after 2020. These would of course continue to be undertaken in close dialogue with the authorities and the public. Swiss Post strives to provide a balanced mix of access points in which self-operated branches still play an important role. Swiss Post’s investment in branches with a new concept clearly demonstrates its commitment to self-operated branches.

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Swiss Post keeps its promise and gives positive interim assessment of postal network restructuring, Press release dated 15.10.2018

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