Society is becoming increasingly digital. People are becoming more mobile, and they are increasingly demanding flexible and time-independent services. Legal and regulatory security are key requirements for Swiss Post in ensuring that it is successful on this path to digital transformation.

Swiss Post positions itself at the interface between the physical and digital worlds, acting as a hub between the two. Swiss Post is also a trusted carrier of digital information.

Swiss Post continually improves its existing services through development and innovation across the entire Group. At the same time, Swiss Post creates new products and services for the customers of tomorrow.

Swiss Post meets the challenges of digitization by making increasingly digital use of its core competencies, thereby expanding its traditional portfolio. With digital solutions, Swiss Post is expanding its core business and carrying it into the future, This makes Swiss Post as a whole more flexible and more customer-oriented.

The responsible handling of customer data is one of Swiss Post’s core values and a key element in the success of digital transformation. The aim of the Federal Council’s “Digital Switzerland” strategy is to enable business to develop as quickly as possible in the digital sphere.

Modern customers expect Swiss Post to come to them. Swiss Post is responding to this change by expanding its product range with customizable and digital solutions, while considering the major significance of the political and regulatory operational framework.

Position papers


E-voting allows voters to use electronic media to participate in votes and elections. It has been offering the cantons and the Swiss population the e-voting service as an additional channel since 2016.

Electronic Identity Act

Switzerland currently lacks a generally accepted and widely used standard digital identity to be able to offer proof of identity easily in the digital world. The aim of a new law is to create the structure for establishing a regulated digital identity which is standardized throughout Switzerland. Swiss Post welcomes the new act concerning recognized electronic identification services (BGEID).

Amendment of the Federal Act on Data Protection

As a result of the rapid digital transformation, far more data is being generated today and far more personal data is being collected, linked up, passed on and analysed. The revisions to the Federal Act on Data Protection define how personal data may be acquired, processed, analysed and shared in today’s world. Swiss Post wants a Federal Act on Data Protection suitable to this day and age.

E-commerce and online retail

E-commerce knows no bounds. National online retailers are in direct competition with international providers. Swiss Post assumes the role of logistical service provider in cooperation with various players from online retail and thus has an interest in Swiss online retail being functional.