The new “Swiss Post of tomorrow” strategy

The “Swiss Post of tomorrow” is based on Swiss Post’s traditional strengths. The new strategy is scheduled to take effect on 1 January 2021 and will run until 2024. However, its scope stretches well beyond this date, covering the next ten years.

In the foreground is Swiss Post’s core competency – the reliable transport of goods and information. Swiss Post aims to strengthen and expand its service through acquisitions and partnerships in the fields of logistics and communication. This will enable it to tap into new revenues.

The level of growth that it is targeting in order to continue generating the necessary profits requires substantial investments – not just at home, but in neighbouring countries, too. Only in this way can Swiss Post guarantee a self-financed universal service in Switzerland.

Swiss Post’s new strategy incorporates several elements:

Ensuring development of the last mile and Switzerland’s integration into the international goods flow

People in Switzerland increasingly want immediate, nationwide and environmentally-friendly services – preferably delivered to their own front door. These services are enjoying increasing popularity. For this reason, Swiss Post is developing new services and offers while specifically expanding the “last mile”. It is also developing one-stop industry and customer solutions, helping to give Switzerland a competitive edge. In the goods transport sector, Swiss Post is consolidating its position as market leader and expanding the goods logistics service beyond national borders, ensuring that Swiss companies are connected to international markets. In future, Swiss Post aims to provide logistics services based on cutting-edge solutions and to help shape the digitization of logistics by forming partnerships and participating in logistics platforms. The massive growth in the parcel business during the coronavirus crisis offers an insight into how volumes in the parcel market will develop. Swiss Post must take action today to ensure that it is prepared for the future. In light of the shift in volumes from letters to parcels, it will in future use its existing resources across all products. It plans to combine its letter and parcel logistics services into a single business unit. This will ensure that it can continue providing attractive jobs in sorting and delivery.

Mail secrecy as the key to a secure digital world

Swiss Post guarantees the established principle of mail secrecy in the digital world, too. It is building on its extensive experience as a trustworthy carrier of sensitive information, providing new digital solutions for companies, authorities and private citizens and enabling them to exchange confidential data via a reliable Swiss provider. This need has become even more apparent during the coronavirus crisis. As a public service company owned by the Confederation, Swiss Post supports Switzerland, and in particular SMEs, in their digital transformation process and in ensuring the secure exchange of information with customers and private citizens.

Expansion of access points and openings for service companies and authorities

The branches and access points remain a cornerstone of Swiss Post’s activities. They ensure that postal services are accessible throughout Switzerland. Swiss Post is developing and expanding its numerous and diverse access points. During the forthcoming strategy period, the network will be stabilized at approximately 800 self-operated branches – the number set during the last strategy period. Swiss Post is also opening its network to service companies and authorities. This clear change of course is designed to help bring an end to the systematic conversion of self-operated branches. The partners for whom the network is opened will benefit from Swiss Post’s service delivery as well as the possibility of offering their customers a physical contact point in this digital age through the Swiss Post branch network. By opening our network in this way, Swiss Post is creating actual service centers for the different regions and genuine value added for Switzerland as a whole.

Connected and sustainable road-based mobility solutions

Following the rectification of the incidents that came to light in 2018, the PostBus strategy has been realigned. PostBus remains a key element of Swiss Post, retaining its leading role in regional road-based passenger transport and increasingly focusing on sustainable mobility solutions.

Safeguarding the business model

The Swiss Post subsidiary PostFinance is the only bank in Switzerland with a universal service obligation for payment transactions. In the future, the aim is for PostFinance to be able to issue loans and mortgages independently. This is a matter for Parliament to decide. In the coming years, Swiss Post still anticipates a sustainable and future-oriented contribution to the overall result from the financial services business.

Support for a successful growth path

The Swiss Post subsidiary Swiss Post Solutions (SPS) has transformed itself into one of the world’s leading outsourcing partners for business process solutions and innovative services in the field of digital document management. Swiss Post is committed to ensuring that SPS can continue its progress down its chosen path.

New organizational structure supports strategy

On 1 January 2021, Swiss Post intends to adapt its Group structure in line with the new strategic orientation. PostBus, PostalNetwork, PostFinance and Swiss Post Solutions will remain unchanged in organizational terms. The logistics and communications competencies, however, will be combined into the “Logistics Services” and “Communication Services” units. From 1 January 2021, the new Executive Management will therefore be composed of the Heads of the Logistics Services, Communication Services, PostalNetwork, PostBus, Swiss Post Solutions, Finance and Human Resources units and the CEO. The Head of PostFinance will retain the role of non-voting member. The Informatics unit is expanding its field of activity within the new IT/Technology unit and will be represented in Executive Management from 1 January 2022. The aim is for Swiss Post Solutions to be able to evolve independently under the umbrella holding company of Swiss Post Ltd. Swiss Post Solutions Ltd will continue to operate. PostalNetwork will be converted into the new legally autonomous company PostalNetwork Ltd, enabling Swiss Post to further develop its network and open itself to third parties.

You can find out more about Swiss Post’s current Group structure here.

With the implementation of the strategy and the new organizational structure, Swiss Post remains a relevant employer

Thanks to optimized usage of the infrastructure, jobs will be safeguarded in every region. Careers at Swiss Post are becoming even more attractive. This supports Swiss Post’s efforts to offset the impending wave of retirements in coming years through new appointments. Even if changes are made to the sorting and delivery processes, jobs in production and around the country will be protected. Individual management tasks and functions may change, however. The Group transformation at the heart of the “Swiss Post of tomorrow” strategy requires the development of additional competencies and aims for growth, rather than a reduction in the number of jobs. As is customary at Swiss Post, organizational changes will be supported by the social partners.