Apps for iPhone and Android
Find letter boxes using your mobile phone, track consignments, write postcards, buy tickets, pay and shop.

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With the innovative Swiss Post Apps for iPhone and Android, postal business can be carried out while you’re on the move: find post offices and letter boxes easily, track consignments, request stamps by SMS and send postcards from your smartphone. The PostFinance Apps even allow you to carry out payment transactions while on the move: invoices can be paid online and small sums of money can be transferred at the click of a button. With the PostBus App you always know when the next PostBus is going and you can buy your ticket right away via the App.

The Post-App for iPhone and Android can be downloaded free of charge.

Swiss Post

Access selected postal services quickly and easily with the Post-App. Available for iPhone and Android.

The Post-App makes it even easier to access the most important information and services from Swiss Post.

The following features are available:

Location search

Location search for post offices and postal agencies, letter boxes, Postomat, “My Post 24 / PickPost” points, etc.
You can also find out until what time a particular post office is open or when it reopens. It is easy to find out if and when letter boxes are emptied. Use geolocation to determine your current location and find your way quickly to the next location required.

Track & Trace

Enter the consignment number or scan the QR code on the consignment receipt. With Track & Trace, you always know where your consignment is. Write over the consignment number with your individual descriptions to make it easy to differentiate between consignments.

Push notifications

The Post-App now lets you know about incoming consignments via push notifications. You can activate push notifications for My consignments in a single click and keep track of your consignments around the


Calculate prices easily for consignments to Switzerland and abroad.

SMS postage stamp

No stamps at hand? Order a stamp by SMS, write the number of the code you receive on the envelope, and off it goes.

Collection note

Do you have a collection note in your letter box? Scan the code field on the collection note and then you can select further delivery options.

Swiss Post Contact Center

Here you can get quick and easy access to the Swiss Post Contact Center.


Configure the Post-App to suit your needs.

The Post-App is available in four languages (EN, DE, FR, IT) and the language adapts itself automatically to the smartphone’s system language. If none of the four languages have been set as system language, the Post- App is displayed in English.

The Post-App for iPhone and Android can be downloaded free of charge.

"I decide how to receive my mail."

E-Post Office is the intelligent online letter box from Swiss Post. Using predefined settings in E-Post Office, recipients decide how they would like to receive their mail: on paper in their letter box, as an electronic PDF document in their E-Post Office inbox, or as an encrypted e-mail to their e-mail address.

For example, you can have your health insurance invoices sent to you electronically, while continuing to receive paper copies of your bank statements by letter. You can digitally manage and archive the mail you receive electronically.

An E-Post Office app is available for iPhone, iPad and Android. It allows you to receive documents electronically while on the go, and to manage them in your personal archive. By means of the delivery preferences, you determine how you receive mail from specific senders. And with the reply and forwarding functions, you can also send documents directly from the app.

Please note: E-Post Office is only available for Swiss domicile addresses

Sending postcards with the PostCard Creator App is child’s play

Always and everywhere: With the PostCard Creator App, take or choose a photo, enter text, specify the recipient and send the order. Swiss Post will take care of printing and mailing the postcards in A6 format. A free postcard is available to the user every 24 hours, which will be send via B Mail. An unlimited number of additional postcards can be designed and sent for CHF 2 per postcard and sent via A Mail. You can send holiday greetings in next to no time or congratulate a recipient living in Switzerland or Liechtenstein on passing their exams or on their birthday. Orders can be paid for with credits that can be topped up, by credit card, with PostFinance e-finance or with the PostFinance Card.

To use the app, users must be resident in Switzerland or the Principality of Liechtenstein, own a smartphone, download the free app from the App Store or Google Play and register free of charge. Registration for the app and the online platform is the same. If you already have a Login for the Swiss Post Customer Center, you can log in to the app and online platform with your existing login data.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Download the PostCard Creator App
  2. Free registration (once)
  3. Log in to the postcard app
  4. Insert an image on the front
  5. Compose text on the back
  6. Select a recipient
  7. Sending mail

After sending the free card, the app is locked for 24 hours for the free postcard. After this time has passed, you can send another card free of charge. The paid card can be used at any time and without limit.

Information on the cards

  • Format: 105 × 148mm (A6)
  • Paper: 260 g/m2
  • Front with a gloss finish, four-colour printing
  • Three-colour printing on back (black, red, yellow)
  • Text only in black print and standard font (Arial)
  • Advertising text is printed on the back of the free postcard. No advertising text is printed on the back of the paid postcard.
  • Standard stamp with Swiss Post logo

Please note: PostCard Creator App is only available for Swiss domicile addresses

IncaMail is the Swiss Post service for the delivery of confidential business information such as pay slips, personal data and account statements. With IncaMail, your messages are encrypted and delivered to the recipient in a verifiable manner. The patented SAFE technology allows for all communication partners to be reached directly and without delay. IncaMail is offered by numerous partners worldwide as part of integrated solutions.

With the IncaMail app, you can open, read and write secure e-mails directly from your tablet or mobile phone. The app also allows you to save attachments or add them to encrypted messages. Thanks to the app, you can configure all account settings directly via your mobile end device in a quick and simple fashion.


Make your financial transactions mobile

Transfer small amounts of money to a mobile number within minutes, buy digital vouchers from popular providers (e.g. iTunes, paysafecard), check your account balances and your most recent account transactions in a quick and uncomplicated manner. Thanks to the “Scan + Pay” function, you no longer need to type out the reference number of orange inpayment slips: Scan the inpayment slip simply and conveniently with your smartphone’s camera and approve it for payment in e-finance.

Fast service – Easy service, fast information

You need to register once for the fast service: Please have your PostFinance Card and yellow card reader to hand. You can use the password you have defined yourself or Touch ID for all further access. In future you have around-the-clock access to all important account information. You can:

Check your account balance and transactions:

Call up your balance and the most recent transactions on your payment and savings accounts.

Send money:

  • to mobile phone numbers: The respective amount reaches the recipient within minutes, provided he has also registered for the fast service. Individuals who have not registered are sent an SMS with the request to send back their IBAN.
  • to postal or bank accounts by entering the account number or IBAN.
  • Daily limits for money transfers: CHF 250, EUR 150, USD 250

Scan inpayment slips:

You can scan inpayment slips using your smartphone’s camera and approve the payment immediately or at a later point in e-finance.

Top up prepaid credit:

  • Works with all popular mobile phone service providers.
  • Top-up amount of between CHF 10 and CHF 400.

Buy electronic credit or give it as a gift:

iTunes, Spotify, paysafecard, Nintendo, Xbox and Playstation credit

Receive your redemption code directly in the app
Give iTunes and Spotify codes as a gift or redeem them directly

Mobile e-finance – full access with standard login or via Mobile ID

With Mobile e-finance, you can carry out your financial transactions wherever and whenever you want directly via the app: access all your accounts, transactions, payments, transfers and more. To do so, you require a postal account with an e-finance agreement.
Mobile e-trading and stock exchange – access your securities custody account:

Call up price information from the world's leading stock exchanges. Access your custody account and trade shares, bonds, derivatives and funds whenever and wherever you want. Business news, prices for the funds offered by PostFinance, a watch list and alarms via SMS and/or e-mail are all included. To make use of these services, you require an e-trading agreement.

General information on security:

  • Keeping your data secure is our top priority. A multi-stage encryption and identification process ensures that only you have access to your accounts.
  • All payments via the PostFinance Mobile fast service are made up to the defined monthly limit (standard: CHF 250) and may not exceed the available account balance.

Use e-finance on your tablet.

Carry out your financial transactions directly on your tablet and enjoy mobile access to your finances wherever and whenever you want.
Thanks to the "Scan + Pay" function, you will no longer need to type out the details of inpayment slips: simply scan your inpayment slips with the tablet and approve the payment directly.

Benefit from full e-finance functionality. Get an overview of your accounts and transactions, make domestic and international payments, manage standing orders and account transfers, receive and approve e-bills, and much more.

To use the tablet App, you require access to e-finance.

Important: The fast service functions (e.g. transferring money to a mobile phone number, topping up prepaid credit and purchasing iTunes vouchers) are not supported in the tablet version. Use the PostFinance App for smartphone to take advantage of these features.