Swiss Post takes advantage of the opportunities provided by technological, social and economic change.

Technology and society

Technological and social change requires service providers such as Swiss Post to adapt constantly to new circumstances. The digitization of communication and increasing mobility are shaping the competitive environment and are presenting Swiss Post with major challenges: social media, SMS and other electronic methods of communication have almost completely replaced letters in everyday communication. Many people are constantly on the move and are hard to reach at their place of residence. To be able to offer these people modern services, Swiss Post must constantly review its product range and adapt it where necessary.


Swiss Post is rated very highly in independent international quality comparisons for both letter mail and parcel post. In comparison with 15 European countries, Swiss Post’s prices are mid-range; adjusted for purchasing power, Swiss Post is actually the most inexpensive.

The prices do not cover the costs for all products: the domestic letter business for the private customer market, for example, is in massive deficit. The profits for the letter business are also declining due to falling volumes. Today, you can post an A Mail letter at 6 p.m. in Chur, and it will be delivered in Geneva the following morning by 8 a.m. This is some achievement. As Swiss Post has constantly worked on its costs in recent years, it can now offer very attractive prices despite the difficult conditions. The prices for A and B Mail have not increased since 2004.

Employment conditions/collective employment contract

Swiss Post offers socially responsible and fair employment conditions. Swiss Post focuses on national standards and promotes industry-specific benchmarks, which are obligatory for its employees. Swiss Post’s pension solutions are contemporary, flexible and based on healthy financing. As an employer, it ensures that its staff remain productive and healthy and that they find a personal balance between their professional and private lives. For this commitment, Swiss Post was the first large company to be awarded the Friendly Work Space® label by the Health Promotion Switzerland foundation.

On the labour market, Swiss Post aims to position itself as a fair, dynamic and progressive employer. This also means a modern collective employment contract.