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PostBus is a traditional Swiss company, which has provided high-quality regional passenger transport services for more than 100 years. Its yellow livery is a hallmark of the brand, as is the three-tone post horn known around the world.

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A public transport stop in Switzerland.

With 901 lines and a network spanning more than 12,000 kilometres, PostBus is a leader in road passenger transport. Every second public transport stop in Switzerland is a PostBus stop. Using its fleet of 2,400 modern vehicles, the bus company transports over 155 million passengers every year.

In response to changing needs, PostBus provides customers with suitable offers and services. The company is positioning itself more strongly as a leader in public transport and extending its presence in Swiss cities and conurbations as well as in rural regions. By doing so, PostBus is contributing to the social, economic and ecological benefits of public transport and the high quality of life in Switzerland.

Key figures Unit 2018
Operating income

CHF million 954

Operating profit

CHF million


Domestic passengers

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Domestic vehicle kilometres

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