Legal requirements for Swiss Post

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Swiss Post operates in different markets. In addition to general legal provisions, it is therefore also governed by various requirements specific to postal, sectoral and organizational law. These form the framework for Swiss Post’s organization, strategy and conduct.

Postal legislation

The postal legislation, consisting of the Postal Services Act and the Postal Organization Act, provides the legal framework for the postal sector. The Postal Services Act defines the framework for competition in the postal market and the provision of universal postal and payment transaction services. The Postal Organization Act is a law enacted specifically for Swiss Post that forms the legal basis for the organization of the company. Swiss Post’s business areas are defined in the “Purpose” article of the Act.

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Sector-specific laws

PostFinance Ltd requires a licence for its business activities that is subject to compliance with the legal regulation of the financial markets. As a franchised transport business, PostBus Switzerland Ltd is subject to the legal provisions of the Passenger Transport Act.

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General laws

As part of each business activity, the rules of the general legal system must be observed. For Swiss Post, competition law (Cartel Act and Price Supervision Act) and data protection law are particularly relevant. In the area of human resources, labour law plays a key role. Other legal provisions such as environmental law and energy and infrastructure legislation are becoming increasingly important for Swiss Post.

Key areas of law for Swiss Post Ltd and its strategic subsidiaries:

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