Simple yet systematic – Swiss Post

The actions of Swiss Post are guided by this vision:

Simple yet systematic – Swiss Post.

We connect the physical and digital worlds, setting new standards with our products and integrated solutions. We make it easier for our customers to operate in today’s complex environment, giving them greater scope to succeed.

For our customers

  • We meet our customers on their level
  • Our services are easy to understand and straightforward to use
  • Our integrated solutions lead to relationships based on partnership
  • We create a consistent customer experience across all points of contact

For our staff

  • We recognize that our staff’s dedication and innovativeness are key to our success
  • We pursue common goals and promote constructive, respectful cooperation throughout Swiss Post
  • We encourage our staff to perform and offer progressive, market-driven working conditions

For society

  • We make a signifi cant contribution to Switzerland’s modern infrastructure
  • We secure international connections through our subsidiaries and partnerships
  • We combine business success with environmental awareness and social responsibility

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