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In terms of its sponsorship commitments in market positioning, Swiss Post not only attaches great importance to acting as a sponsor, but also to creating added value for both sides in any project. By bringing companies closer together in a corporate network with Swiss Post, everyone can ultimately benefit.

At home in both the physical and digital worlds, Swiss Post is fully committed to engaging in active dialogue and to strengthening ties between all sectors involved.


X.Days is the leading conference on strategic issues relating to digital transformation in Switzerland. It explores all relevant aspects of the digital transformation process – technology, culture, mindset, processes and customer focus – with the necessary depth. X.Days targets 450 selected leaders, entrepreneurs and top C-level decision-makers, across different industries. 

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Digital Festival

Conference meets festival, information meets dialogue, technology meets inspiration, new ways meet a new vision: the festival sees itself as an incubation platform for future steps and ideas. Great things can happen when such a variety of talented people – from CEOs to hackers – meet in one place.

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Swiss Innovation Forum

Innovation networking for all sectors

The Swiss Innovation Forum is Switzerland’s leading innovation, creativity and design platform thanks to the broad support it receives from the fields of business, science, politics and education. Besides top-class partners from business and administration, the initiatives are supported and promoted by the world’s leading knowledge institutions. International thought leaders from business meet here to engage in cross-sector discussions and demonstrate successful strategies in global competition using case studies and workshops. The intensive networking between the participants fosters new impetus and an exchange of experiences.

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Shaping a highly dynamic world requires the systematic, early identification of future framework conditions. This does not, however, merely involve analysing technological progress, but also requires anticipating future societal challenges. The FUTURE SOCIETY ASSOCIATION (FSA) is a project of the W.I.R.E. think tank which, for more than 12 years, has taken a systematic, open and critical approach to shaping the future, operating in an independent and apolitical manner at the interface between science and practice.

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Having a good reputation is your best opportunity for increasing your own value. CRO.SWISS firmly believes that company founders, start-up entrepreneurs, chief risk officers, HR and communication managers, leaders, CEOs and board members must be aware of the importance of reputation. The message is as simple as it is effective: we can and should constantly work on a good reputation. With the world’s first independent peer-to-peer competency platform focusing on reputation, CRO.SWISS aims to clarify and connect with a view to establishing CRO’s position at C level.

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