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Swiss Post enters into dialogue with its customers.

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Swiss Post connects Switzerland physically and digitally, enters into dialogue with its customers, promotes interaction with companies through its partnerships and supports them on their way through digital transformation.

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X.Days is the leading conference on strategic issues relating to digital transformation in Switzerland. It explores all relevant aspects of the digital transformation process – technology, culture, mindset, processes and customer focus – with the necessary depth. X.Days targets 450 selected leaders, entrepreneurs and top C-level decision-makers, across different industries. 

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Having a good reputation is your best opportunity for increasing your own value. CRO.SWISS firmly believes that company founders, start-up entrepreneurs, chief risk officers, HR and communication managers, leaders, CEOs and board members must be aware of the importance of reputation. The message is as simple as it is effective: we can and should constantly work on a good reputation. With the world’s first independent peer-to-peer competency platform focusing on reputation, CRO.SWISS aims to clarify and connect with a view to establishing CRO’s position at C level.

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NextGen is a programme for young people, students and apprentices from all over Switzerland. The focus is on entrepreneurship in practice and the entrepreneurial mindset. With this initiative, the SEF is awakening a passion for entrepreneurship among Swiss youth and laying the foundations for the professional development of tomorrow’s generation of entrepreneurs. The SEF connects participants with the relevant players in the Swiss economy, creating the basis for entrepreneurship and intrapreneurship to grow more strongly in Switzerland.

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Swiss Digital Days

Under the leadership of digitalswitzerland, we want to make it easier to experience digitization and enable dialogue. Our programme encourages collaboration, new ways of thinking and active debate on a variety of topics. Learn new skills, ask questions, broaden your digital horizons, and above all, have fun!

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Swiss Post’s open innovation and corporate venture capital programme

Swiss Post invests in startups in Switzerland and abroad. These investments are important because they allow us to understand market developments and emerging customer behaviour. Swiss Post can provide startups with infrastructure and credibility. By combining these strengths with the technological innovations of startups (for example the development and manufacturing of drones), Swiss Post can create innovative ecosystems with high added value.

Swiss Post can help in three different ways: collaboration, venture capital investments and partner network.

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