Video series – Experience art

Swiss Post has countless works of art recounting fascinating stories. In our video series, we take you on a short art journey – and get up close with the camera.

Experience art in a different, surprising and innovative way

To mark the opening ceremony of the new station area in Delémont, two new buildings have been constructed for Swiss Post as part of a Real Estate Services project. The official opening was followed by an art performance by the internationally renowned artist Victorine MüllerTarget not accessible. The artist from Grenchen is known throughout the world for her ethereal performances – one of which was staged at the new “Place de la Poste”, right in front the new buildings.

Victorine Müller created a new inflated structure especially for Swiss Post, marking a new milestone in her artistic career. It was the first time that she had created a coloured object, in contrast to the transparent PVC objects she is known for. She also positioned the work on an oval mirrored surface that reflected the surrounding architecture, complemented the object ingeniously and pulled the piece together into a complete work of art. Using dominating horizontal and vertical shapes, Victorine created a towering wing reminiscent of Hermes, the messenger of the gods: a nod here to Swiss Post. The ephemeral performance adds an innovative edge and reflects Swiss Post’s fresh focus on its commitment to art.

Experience Art with Victorine Müller

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Movie: Pascal Derungs and Jean Claude Plattner, Plattnerfilm

Douglas Mandry: fighting glacial retreat with large-scale special textiles

Climate change and how humans engage with nature are the issues that drive artist Douglas Mandry. Swiss Post has acquired a piece from his latest series “Monuments” for its art collection. In the fourth video of the “Experience art” series, the artist reveals how this unique work came to life.

Douglas Mandry: fighting glacial retreat with large-scale special textiles

Dave Bopp: Boulder, 2019

"I want to expand reality: I make images that I have to invent - or find." This is how the Swiss artist Dave Bopp describes his abstract works in the video of the series "Experience Art". One of his paintings belongs to the art collection of Swiss Post and is prominently displayed in the entrance hall of the Post headquarters in Bern.

Dave Bopp: Bolder, 2019

Monica Ursina Jäger: exploring and designing living environments

Monica Ursina Jaeger’s work, “Afterglow”, was included in the Swiss Post art collection in 2013, and the collage, “shifting topographies.03”, was added in 2018. What inspires the artist, which themes are important to her and how do her work titles come about? You will find out in the video.

Video: Experiencing art with Monica Ursina Jäger

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