Dynamic sponsorship: commitments for Switzerland
Greater flexibility in a rapidly changing environment

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Given the limited sums Swiss Post is able to invest in sponsoring, it needs to keep a close eye on its budget. To still be able to support certain events, Swiss Post provides ad hoc support. This gives it the flexibility it needs to play a full role in Swiss public life without exhausting its resources in the long term.

Partnership with Swiss hiking trails

Sharing a common path

Hiking is the Swiss people’s number one sport. More than 65,000 kilometres of uniformly signposted and well-maintained hiking trails offer access to Switzerland’s most beautiful landscapes and connect its communities with each other. Swiss Post’s commitment as the main partner of Swiss hiking trails allows it to support the implementation of projects that help to encourage hiking as a sport, while at the same time remaining committed to creating attractive activities and platforms for the Swiss people – particularly for families. Swiss Post enables unforgettable hiking experiences for families and accompanies them on their individual path to their destination.

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Locarno Film Festival

Great cinema on the Piazza Grande

Tens of thousands of visitors make the pilgrimage to the Piazza Grande in Locarno every year. The special atmosphere created by this great event draws film fans from all over Europe. Swiss Post is a sponsor and logistics partner of the Locarno Film Festival. It provides the visitors with Postbus shuttle transport, meaning that cars can be conveniently left at home. The Locarno Film Festival takes place every year in August.

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The local platform for sharing ideas

TED stands for Technology, Entertainment, Design. However, the innovation sessions have expanded over the years to encompass other subjects such as business, global topics, culture, art and science. The one-day TEDx events are organized independently. The aim is to create a local platform for sharing ideas. As a Swiss company at the interface between the physical and digital worlds, Swiss Post is also committed to engaging in lively debate on these issues with experts and anyone else who is interested.

Swiss Post supports various TEDx events in Switzerland.

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