A successful change of career at PostBus

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“Keeping in the flow of things” is what Isabelle Frick, Team Leader at the PostBus Weinfelden operating site, endeavours to do. She has continually undergone training in various Swiss Post units during her time at the company and shown excellent initiative. She was supported on her path by Swiss Post’s internal career counselling and case management team.

It can get quite lively at PostBus in Weinfelden on some summer days, such as when several school classes are travelling to Conny-Land amusement park in Lipperswil and only half of them are registered. Fortunately, Isabelle Frick can always keep on top of things even on hectic days. “Day-to-day business is only part of my work”, says the PostBus Team Leader. The 39-year-old has also been responsible for team leadership, shift plans for the 27-person team and the condition of the vehicles since 2018 – as well as acting as a point of contact for all concerns. “The variety makes my job interesting”, says Isabelle Frick. “I’m an all-rounder, can work independently and assume plenty of responsibility – these are the aspects I value most.”

Motivated to stay on the ball

Isabelle Frick brought with her qualifications that are very useful for a newcomer at PostBus: after training as a truck driver, she completed what was then known as single-sector training at Swiss Post, and was subsequently active in post office sales for several years. “I then worked 50 percent at the counter and 50 percent in delivery since I was also interested in other work areas”, says Isabelle Frick about her career. She took further training as a logistics specialist and was then a delivery Team Leader for ten years in the Wil letter delivery region.

A successful strategy based on personal initiative

As time went on and Isabelle Frick started experiencing problems with her back, she decided that bearing two heavy responsibilities was too much. “I realized that I had to take a new path”, she explains. “But I didn’t know what this change would be. The extensive individual coaching and meetings provided by Swiss Post’s internal Case Management and Career Center were very important in my choice of professional location”, she says. To ensure she was optimally prepared for her change in role, she gained the Swiss IT Certificate (SIZ) at evening school.

The spark ignited when Isabelle Frick was given approval for a temporary change in role: a placement at PostBus. “I knew immediately that this was the job for me!” Luckily, a position soon became vacant at Weinfelden and she applied for it while receiving support and tips for her cover letter and CV.

Now it’s time for a coach driving license...

The application was successful, but Isabelle Frick still had to get a license for driving coaches. Fortunately, her experience as a truck driver put her in good stead. She became accustomed to supervisors (almost exclusively men) accompanying drivers on their routes to observe, give feedback and advice on their driving style, courtesy to customers and vehicle cleanliness.

“My new start at PostBus with all its varied duties was a major challenge for me”, says Isabelle Frick. “I had a lot to learn in a short space of time, and I’m still learning. I really had to knuckle down, but Swiss Post opened up new perspectives for me – now in my third business unit, and the one which I find the most interesting.”