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Carbon emissions fully offset

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As part of its climate commitment, reducing CO2 and promoting renewable energy and energy efficiency are top priorities for Swiss Post. Of the more than 14,500 Swiss Post vehicles, around half are already powered by alternative drive systems. In urban areas of Switzerland, parcels will also largely be delivered by electric vehicles by 2025.

Swiss Post is striving to achieve climate neutrality in delivery by 2030 – such as by using electric vehicles. The unavoidable carbon emissions that arise when sending items will be offset.

Swiss Post has been offsetting carbon emissions from domestic letter mail since 2012, with promotional mailings added to the programme in 2017. From 1 January 2021, all Swiss Post consignments will be sent with the “pro clima” label, meaning that their carbon emissions have been offset. “All consignments” means everything from letters, parcels and small consignments right through to press products – both in Switzerland and abroad.

Swiss Post will cover all surcharges incurred for the carbon offsetting. The carbon offsetting will be undertaken by supporting climate protection projects of the highest quality in Switzerland and abroad. The innovation will not entail any surcharges, and costs for customers and the quality of the climate projects will be maintained at the same level.

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“Carbon-neutral” becomes “carbon-offset”

The “pro clima” label can be downloaded and used by all customers, provided that they adhere to the conditions of use. 
Due to international definitions from the IPCC and the Science Based Targets initiative (SBTi), as well as Swiss Post’s own climate targets, the phrase carbon-neutral shipping will no longer be used. Instead, the terms “pro clima” shipment or carbon-offset consignments will be used.

Dates for label replacement

The current “pro clima” label has been modified slightly. The new label version can be applied from 1 January 2021. Replace the old labels on online and other digital media by the end of January 2021. For printed media, please switch to the new label version by the end of 2021.

Label printing on IFS devices

It will be possible to activate the new label on the IFS device directly on the display from 1 January 2021. You will personally decide whether to activate the label. Swiss Post recommends activating it, as we would like to include the “pro clima” label on all consignments. For queries or problems with the IFS device, please contact the device or system manufacturer.

Our commitment

The commitment to climate protection needs a long-term approach. As the country’s biggest logistics company, it is Swiss Post’s responsibility to do everything in its power to support this process. Swiss Post is striving to achieve climate neutrality in delivery by 2030 – such as by using electric vehicles. The unavoidable carbon emissions that arise when sending items will be offset.

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Climate protection projects: a good investment in Switzerland and abroad

Both at home and abroad, Swiss Post supports climate protection projects that meet the highest standards (Gold Standard). An independent jury of experts advises Swiss Post as to project selection. Currently, the following two projects are being supported using the “pro clima” surcharges:

The storage of liquid manure and dung is an agricultural activity, but it does lead to the production of methane, a potent greenhouse gas. Modern biodigesters on Swiss farms collect this greenhouse gas and use it to produce heat and electricity – thus turning methane, which is harmful to the climate, into a clean energy source for eco-electricity.

Gas and electricity? For many Cambodians, gas and electricity cannot be taken for granted. This is why small household-scale private biodigesters in Cambodia are extremely important, particularly in rural areas: biogas is produced from livestock manure and water. And using the clean fuel creates a better quality of life: kitchens are smoke-free, houses have light, and the occupants’ respiratory health is improved. The environment also benefits: the biodigesters funded by Swiss Post have reduced year-on-year CO2 emissions in Cambodia by 95,000 tonnes.


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