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Swiss Post consistently incorporates sustainability criteria into service tenders. Before we order something, we take a closer look: who makes the Swiss Post uniforms – and in what working conditions? How can we use new printers to save energy and reduce CO2 emissions?

All suppliers must sign Swiss Post’s Code of Ethics and Social Responsibility (PDF, 105.1 KB). This is how we ensure socially acceptable working conditions and environmental measures. In doing so, we take factors into account such as lifecycle costs, carbon neutrality and the circular economy approach. Wherever possible, we procure recyclable products that end up being reused for a new purpose – for furniture, for example.


In 2012, Swiss Post became the first major Swiss company to join the Fair Wear FoundationTarget not accessible (FWF). This global organization checks annually whether Swiss Post's approximately 200,000 items of clothing are manufactured under fair conditions. The focus is on social standards that aim at good working conditions for employees at the production sites.

  • Are the emergency exits clear of obstructions?
  • Does the fire alarm work in the factory?
  • Are the workers properly paid?
  • Do they have equitable working hours?
  • Does the factory have an emergency pharmacy?

These and other criteria are checked meticulously. By the end of 2020, 97 percent of the workwear purchased by Swiss Post had been checked. The result is good working conditions throughout the entire supply chain – from fabric to finished garment. Factory employees did not report any complaints to the independent body. For this reason, Swiss Post received the status of “Leader” from the FWF.

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Reuse of Swiss Post clothing

Swiss Post uniforms: Swiss Post work clothes that are no longer in use are sent to second-hand department stores via the Swiss Red Cross or to mountain farming families via Swiss mountain aid. Some clothes are sent to sheltered workshops for upcycling into bags.

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