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Swiss Post sees sustainability as a strategic priority. This is why, in the core market of logistics services, we are all about both eco-friendly and sustainable vehicles, products, services and processes. From 2030, all our parcel and letter deliveries will be carbon neutral, and from 2040, Swiss Post operations as a whole will be carbon neutral. By implementing targeted measures, we are reducing our CO2 emissions and doing our bit for the environment and the future of the planet.

Status of the following information: September 2021


  • From 2022, all our self-operated branches will use 100% “naturemade star”-certified green power.
  • Our My Post 24 terminals will be 100% operated with e“naturemade star”-certified green power.


  • Our processing centers are equipped with energy-saving LED lighting.
  • Because the outside lighting at our logistics centers is operated with smart controls, we also save on energy and help reduce light pollution..
  • The solar panels on the roofs of our processing centers supply a total of 10.3 gigawatts of electricity per year. This is equivalent to the annual electricity usage of 4,000 people.
  • What’s more, the roof of the Zürich-Mülligen letter center is also home to a bee colony.
  • Unused areas around our processing centers have been turned into green spaces, and provide valuable living space to plant and insect life.

Internal transportation

  • We try to use rail transportation wherever possible. For instance, for journeys between large parcel and letter centers.
  • As for on-road transportation, we are gradually pushing through a switch to alternative drive systems in the trucks used by our transport companies. We currently have two trucks with hydrogen and electric drive systems in operation.


  • All 6,000 of our three-wheel delivery scooters are fully electric, and are charged using “naturemade star”-certified green power. This saves 7,000 tonnes of CO2 a year, which is equivalent to 2,700 return flights between Zurich and New York for one person.
  • 260 of our 4,500 delivery vehicles are already equipped with an electric drive system. This has reduced our CO2 emissions by 1,300 tonnes.
  • At around 30 of our delivery points already, every single vehicle runs on electricity.
  • From 2030, our entire delivery fleet will be powered by alternative drive systems.
  • Carefully planned delivery rounds will result in fewer empty journeys.
  • By providing additional delivery and collection services for bread, PET bottles, fruit & veg and dirty laundry, we will get more out of our current delivery rounds.
  • Thanks to the eco-driving training they receive, our drivers are also eco-friendly on the road.

“pro clima” shipment

  • All consignments shipped by Swiss Post are fully carbon offset by “pro clima”.
  • The carbon offsetting will be undertaken by supporting climate protection projects of the highest quality in Switzerland and abroad.
  • Swiss Post will cover all surcharges incurred for the carbon offsetting.


Logo Lean & Green

1st  “Lean & Green” star

Between 2016 and 2020, we managed to increase energy efficiency in the parcel segment by over 20%, which earned us the first of five stars from the “Lean & Green” initiative.

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