Swiss Post bug bounty programme
Securing digital trust

A computer scientist in action.

A computer scientist in action.

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In order to continuously improve the security of its digital products, Information Security at Swiss Post operates a Group-wide bug bounty programme. This involves a public programme as well as various private programmes.

The bug bounty programme makes an important contribution to digital transformation at Swiss Post.

  • Cyber security - through the bug bounty programme we harness the collective intelligence of a global community of security experts. This continually improves our information security.
  • Digital trust - the bug bounty programme establishes trust and transparency via participatory security. Flaws are found and rectified more quickly.
  • Culture of tomorrow - the bug bounty programme makes an important contribution towards a bold, agile and innovative corporate culture.
  • Digital transformation - the bug bounty programme allows change to be made in short cycles. Security is a process.


Participate in the bug bounty programme

What you can expect:

  • Legal safe harbour
  • Bounties of up to CHF 10,000
  • Rapid response times

Swiss Post an IT pioneer

While numerous groups globally use this format as a complementary measure for securing their own IT systems, Swiss Post is a pioneer when it comes to operating a permanent bug bounty programme in Switzerland. As a result of the positive experience, we want to continually expand the programme.