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Since 1924, Swiss Post has been promoting and collecting contemporary art. Today, the collection includes some 400 works. However, Swiss Post’s commitment to art stretches far beyond purchasing artwork.

Swiss Post plays a leading role in the field of corporate art collections and in the promotion of art and culture. The three pillars established in 2020 encompass the art collection, art in architecture and Swiss Post’s commitment to art in the periphery.

This illustration shows Swiss Post's tradition of promoting art with its three pillars of art collection, art in architecture and art in the periphery.

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Art collection

The Art department, the Art Commission and external consultants are responsible for purchasing selected contemporary works of art. One of the purchasing criteria is a connection to Switzerland and to socially relevant issues.

The aim of the collection is to address current issues that are relevant to both Swiss Post and the Swiss population and to present them in exhibitions throughout the country. By committing to initiatives such as purchasing works of art, Swiss Post fulfils its social responsibility and makes a lasting contribution to promoting the Swiss art scene.

Swiss Post’s art collection has a rich history. The Confederation’s commitment to the promotion of art began with the Federal Decree on the Promotion and Elevation of Swiss Art of 1887, as well as the Ordinance on Federal Promotion of Swiss Art of 29 September 1924. Today, the collection comprises some 400 works.

Swiss Post has countless works of art recounting fascinating stories. In our video series, we take you on a short art journey – and get up close with the camera.

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Art in architecture

After the Second World War, the Swiss Confederation decreed that a percentage of public building construction costs should be invested in art in architecture projects. This gave rise to artworks in and on Swiss Post buildings throughout Switzerland. By 2019, around 180 projects had come into being, some 130 of which continue to enhance public areas in the most stunning of ways.

This portfolio tells the history of Switzerland from an artistic standpoint. Swiss Post perpetuates this initiative by commissioning more art in architecture projects in appropriate construction projects. The aim is to keep the traditional commitment alive, but also to create space for unique uses and make a considerable contribution to the living environment of our population.

The Montbrillant post office building, Geneva.

Installation “In the sandalwood forest there are no ordinary trees”, 2015 by Mai-Thu Perret for the Montbrillant post office building, Geneva. Picture: Ralph Feiner

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Art in the periphery

Swiss Post’s partnership with art in the periphery events is an ideal addition to its traditional commitment, while also marking a new milestone for corporate art collections and the Swiss tradition of promoting art. Swiss Post acts as a federating and supporting partner which provides its own postal services.

Art in the periphery is a series of temporary, curated non-profit art events held outside urban hubs. Artists are invited to engage with the relevant locations and create site-specific works of art. This gives remote locations stimulating added value, while offering city dwellers the chance to discover the local landscape and opening new perspectives to the local population. The events are free of charge to enter and can be visited at almost any time, day or night, with children, dogs or even your bike.

Art Safiental, Transparent Earth by Lita Albuquerque.

Lita Albuquerque, “Transparent Earth”, 2018, Art Safiental 2018. Picture: Ueli Alder

Art Committee

  • Tommy Baur, Head of PostalNetwork, Chair
  • Christian Plüss, Head of PostBus
  • Alexander Fleischer, Head of Communication
  • Vijdan Gussen, Head of Marketing, PostalNetwork
  • Luzius Weber, Head of Communication, PostBus
  • Gabriela Laenger, Head of Working Environment, PostFinance
  • Diana Pavlicek, Head of Art Department
  • Michael Heim, Head of Development, Post Real Estate

External advisors

  • Dr Kathleen Bühler, Chief Curator, Kunstmuseum Bern
  • Karl Kronig, Deputy Director and Head of Collections, Museum of Communication
  • Andreas Fiedler, freelance curator

Swiss Post brochure x STUDIO Magazine

Hardly any members of the public know about Swiss Post’s art collection, and Swiss Post wants to change that. The art collection’s cooperation with the cutting-edge Swiss magazine, “STUDIO”, is the first step in this direction. “STUDIO MAGAZINE” is aimed at a young and trend-conscious audience with an interest in photography, styling, fashion, design and art. It is precisely this target group that we want to surprise by providing an insight into Swiss Post’s art collection. The April 2021 edition of “STUDIO MAGAZINE” includes a special brochure which presents selected works by young artists from Swiss Post’s collection.

Are you interested in the special brochure? If so, send your contact details to Our Art Department will be pleased to send you a copy.

Art Department
Wankdorfallee 4
3030 Bern

The Art department actively approaches artists. Portfolio submissions are neither processed nor returned. Thank you for your understanding.