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Swiss Post takes its social, environmental and economic responsibilities seriously. We’re acting now for tomorrow. For future generations. For the sustainable development of our environment and our society.

The environment, the economy and we humans need new ideas and approaches for sustainable development. Swiss Post wants to be a pioneer and a role model in this respect. This is something I’m working on with our staff every day.

Roberto Cirillo, Swiss Post CEO

Sustainability in action

Regardless of whether Swiss Post is delivering millions of letters, processing parcels, digitizing documents or transporting passengers from A to B, we make every aspect involved as sustainable as possible. As Switzerland's largest logistics company with almost 60,000 employees, we know that even the smallest improvements make a big difference. 


Responsibility with a strategy

We determine what we want to achieve for the future and what we are doing about it now in our corporate responsibility strategy. We identify the most important issues in dialogue with experts and stakeholders. We regularly review our goals and the success of the measures we adopt.

Climate and energy

We want to improve our CO2 efficiency by at least 25 percent by the end of 2020 in comparison with 2010. To do so, we are focusing on climate-friendly technologies and eco-electricity.

Responsible procurement

We demand that our suppliers ensure socially acceptable working conditions and environmentally friendly production methods.

Circular economy

We support a circular economy focusing on recycling and reverse logistics.

Corporate citizenship

As a government-owned company with a long social tradition, we promote charitable projects and institutions.


We develop our employees and our organization, and provide a diverse, agile and innovative working environment.


Our compliance management includes effective measures designed to ensure constant compliance with laws, standards and internal rules of conduct.

Information security

To protect data and information systems, we comply with international standards and use recognized technologies.


If they suspect that a law has been violated, our employees can contact PostCourage.

Transparent reporting

Transparency towards the general public is an essential element of responsible and credible corporate governance. Swiss Post complies with established standards in the field of reporting.

We document our sustainability performance in accordance with the internationally recognized guidelines of the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI), thereby guaranteeing transparency and comparability. 

Our audited greenhouse gas performance is based on ISO 14064-1 and the WRI/WBCSD Greenhouse Gas Protocol.

Setting high standards

We adhere to economic, ethical, social and ecological standards. We expect the same not only from employees, but also from our partners and suppliers. 


Swiss Post holds various quality certificates.

Swiss Post’s units have certified quality assurance, environmental safety, occupational safety and information security systems. This obliges them to continually improve their performance and processes. The Real Estate Management & Services Ltd and PostLogistics units have each been awarded a combined certificate for environmental management (ISO 14001), occupational health and safety management (OHSAS 18001) and quality management (ISO 9001). The PostBus, PostMail, Post Informatics and Development & Innovation units as well as numerous Swiss Post Solutions companies have been awarded other certificates. 


Be it with a Swiss school project or a global environmental organization, Swiss Post has formed numerous partnerships with players around the world relating to its sustainability commitment.

act is an association which supports business in the efficient use of resources. act is backed by swisscleantech, the myclimate foundation, Energie Zukunft Schweiz, the Swiss Agency for Efficient Energy Use (S.A.F.E.) and WWF Switzerland. 

The Confederation: exemplary in energy contributes to implementing the Swiss Confederation’s Energy Strategy 2050: as role models, the Confederation and enterprises affiliated with the Confederation shall increase their energy efficiency by 25 percent by 2020.

EV100 (Electric Vehicles 100) is a global initiative under the leadership of The Climate Group and is part of the We Mean Business Coalition. EV100 brings together companies which want to accelerate the transition to electric mobility and make it the norm by 2030. In February 2019, Swiss Post was the first major Swiss corporation to become a member.

As a member of the Fair Wear Foundation (FWF) with the senior status of “leader”, Swiss Post is committed to strict inspection and sustainable implementation of social standards at its clothing suppliers. 

Green Freight Europe aims to ensure the provision of environmentally-friendly road transport services while increasing transparency in reporting on greenhouse gas emissions. Swiss Post has been awarded the highest label – “leaf 1”.

In order to work together to lower the CO2 emissions of postal services, we participate in the Environmental Measurement and Monitoring System (EMMS) programme of the International Post Corporation (IPC), achieving the highest rating – “Gold” – in 2016. 

Swiss Post supports the “Each cell counts – schools generate solar power” energy education project of the climate protection organization myblueplanet, which installs solar panels on the roofs of Swiss schools.

The City of Bern and 60 partner companies joined forces at the Klimaplattform der Wirtschaft with a view to voluntarily reducing CO2 emissions. To do so, the partners will implement new projects every two years.

The staff restaurants at Swiss Post serve only coffee carrying the Max Havelaar Fairtrade label, and also stock other Fairtrade-certified products.

The members of the Next Generations network develop projects, products, service and business models for our grandchildren's future which they present to a broad public at different events.

As a member of Öbu, Swiss Post is part of a think tank focusing on environmental, social and management themes. Öbu implements economic and political projects and promotes experience-sharing.

At the annual CSR circle of the PostEurop association, European postal companies present and discuss examples of best practices.

We support Pro Patria and Pro Juventute in designing and selling their stamps. The surcharges collected are used for cultural projects benefiting children and young people in Switzerland.

RE100 (Renewable Electricity 100) is a global initiative under the leadership of The Climate Group and is part of the We Mean Business Coalition. RE100 brings together companies which have dedicated themselves to using only electricity produced from 100% renewable sources. Swiss Post has been a member since the end of 2015.

Swiss Post sponsors the Swiss Forum for Electric Mobility, which aims to implement an efficient, user- and environmentally-friendly electrification of road traffic in Switzerland.

PostBus is a signatory of the UITP sustainability charter, which advocates reduced environmental pollution, social justice and economically sustainable transport systems.

The United Nations Global Compact is the world’s largest initiative in favour of responsible corporate governance together with ecologically, economically and socially sustainable business.

The Global Compact Network Switzerland wants to attract new companies for sustainable management and provides corresponding networks, events and advice.

As a member of the Association for Environmentally Sound Energy (VUE), Swiss Post supports the promotion of new renewable energy and ecological energy products.

2 x Christmas is a charitable campaign conducted jointly by the Swiss Red Cross, Coop, SRG SSR and Swiss Post.

We support postal organizations in developing countries, either directly or in close cooperation with the Universal Postal Union (UPU).

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