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Swiss Post maintains dialogue

Swiss Post operates in a complex environment of conflicting political and regulatory requirements, social acceptance and economic interests. This can be a tense environment, in which Swiss Post strives to maintain a dialogue in order to help shape political opinion-forming and decision-making.

As a company owned by the Swiss Confederation and subject to a universal service obligation, it has numerous stakeholders representing a wide range of interests and expectations. The main stakeholders include: the owner, the supervisory authorities, policymakers, the public sector, business associations, social partners and the media.

Swiss Post maintains regular contact with them on key issues such as the quality of the universal service, pricing policy and new services. By doing so, Swiss Post ensures that it can achieve its business goals within the context of its social responsibility.

Swiss Post also cultivates relationships with international institutions such as the Universal Postal Union, the International Post Corporation (IPC) and PostEurop. Its aim is to identify and evaluate the trends affecting future regulatory conditions worldwide and ultimately to work to ensure that Switzerland has the ideal starting point within the postal sector. In addition to specific development projects, Swiss Post also supports the Universal Postal Union in improving the quality of postal services worldwide and, in turn, making the global postal network more efficient.