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Keeping address data up to date at all times

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With customer addresses, donor indexes and member lists that are always up to date, you can be sure that your shipments reach the correct recipient. You decide which Swiss Post address maintenance services you would like to use.

Address maintenance online

With “Address maintenance online”, all movers’ addresses and officially published notifications of death are available for an address comparison.

Address analysis

How good is your address database? Get an initial overview free of charge. We will send you a detailed quotation based on the analysis.

Customised address maintenance

Around 800,000 people in Switzerland relocate every year. If you do not keep your addresses up-to-date, you risk losing 10% of your customer base on average, every year.

Ongoing address maintenance pays off.

The advantages for you:

  • Always have correct customer addresses
  • Significant reduction of undeliverable items
  • Increased efficiency of your own mail processing
  • Greater accuracy of direct marketing campaigns
  • Improvement of customer satisfaction

You decide which of the following Swiss Post address maintenance services you would like to use. Your choice of services depends on your specific requirements, as well as on the personnel and technical conditions in your company or organization. Regardless of which option you choose, you will always receive all available relocation information for private individuals and businesses from throughout Switzerland, as well as for relocations to or from the Principality of Liechtenstein.

The choice is yours:

Address maintenance Online

  • A single platform for your addresses – from updating addresses to checking deliverability and list management
  • Available around the clock
  • Processing capacity of up to 300,000 addresses per upload
  • Results available immediately
  • Simple handling
  • Options for targeted search of individual valid addresses
  • Manage your addresses free of charge
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Address maintenance via web service

  • Fully automated address maintenance
  • Data always up-to-date
  • No capacity limits
  • CRM connection possible
  • Updating of individual addresses or entire address databases

“Address maintenance via web service” is aimed at business customers who want to ensure that the status of their physical addresses in Switzerland is always in line with Swiss Post’s standards for quality and updating.

Further information for the connection can be found in the technical specifications “Address web services REST” and “Address web services SOAP” on the Swiss Post Developer Portal:

Address maintenance via DataTransfer

  • File-based comparison of address data using an established Swiss Post interface
  • Suitable for bulk mailings
  • Interface (Swiss Post) can be used for other postal services (e.g. returns, letters with barcode)

The “Address maintenance via DataTransfer” service is aimed at business customers who require an automatic clean-up of their addresses before bulk mailings and who are already using the file-based DataTransfer interface for other Swiss Post services.

For better cost transparency, a non-binding quotation may be requested via the same technical access channel before any comparison of addresses takes place.

Address maintenance by expert

  • Professional handling
  • Address databases of all sizes – according to your requirements
  • Individual, professional consultation with an expert from Swiss Post
  • High flexibility

With “Address maintenance by expert”, you transfer your data via upload or e-mail.

Address maintenance by customer

  • Special solution for financial service providers and insurance companies
  • Automatic comparison of mailing lists with Swiss Post reference data in your own IT system (offline)
  • Handling by own employees
  • Customised as subscription: weekly, fortnightly or monthly

You receive the matching software and later the encrypted updates via the download center of the "Address and Geodata" online service.


Address maintenance services

Service Price
Analysis of address database and individual address maintenance offer Free of charge
Matching and confirming correct addresses Free of charge
Matching and postal address corrections Free of charge
Delivery of new addresses following an official relocation CHF 1.25 per hit
“Deceased / company no longer in business”, “International relocation hit” or “New address unknown” status information CHF 0.25 per address
Identification of unrecognized addresses/buildings Free of charge
Identification and reporting of duplicates CHF 0.25 per duplicate

All prices excl. VAT; valid for “Address maintenance online”, “Address maintenance via web service”, “Address maintenance via DataTransfer” and “Address maintenance by expert”

Depending on the chosen solution, the following basic costs are added:

Hard costs Price
Address maintenance online Free of charge
Address maintenance via web service Setting up the web interface: One-off activation fee of CHF 1,420.00
Address maintenance via DataTransfer One-off connection to the DataTransfer interface: free of charge
Address maintenance by expert Flat rate of CHF 300 to CHF 500 per order
Address maintenance by customer Annual flat rate based on the number of addresses; price on request

All prices excl. VAT.

Individual address solutions

Our experts are happy to help you personally with specific issues, such as selecting, assigning, analyzing, synchronizing, structuring and assessing address data. They can also develop a tailored solution for you.


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