On course for optimized address management
Mercy Ships

Aid organizations such as Mercy Ships depend on each and every donation, which is why consistent and targeted address management is extremely important. Thanks to verification of their addresses by the Swiss Post Address Competence Center (Address CC), returns from Mercy Ships have been reduced by half.

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The “Africa Mercy” is the world’s largest civilian hospital ship and is crewed by over 400 volunteers. Mercy Ships, an aid organization that has been active for over 40 years, provides more than 2,000 surgical and 8,000 dental procedures free of charge in developing countries every year. This means that people in developing nations can have access to medical care they would otherwise be unable to afford. The organization, which has been founded in Lausanne in 1978, has also taken up the cause of supporting local healthcare systems through training and medical infrastructure renovations.

Checking donor address lists

Regularly checking addresses is absolutely essential for administration at aid organizations. By 2016, Mercy Ships was already handling individual address issues and returns. Those in charge quickly realized that professional updates to the organization’s database involved a great deal of outlay. During a discussion with a Swiss Post customer advisor, the Lausanne-based company was made aware of the “Address maintenance online” service and submitted an online order to have all their existing addresses verified.

A woman holds a child in her arms, they stand next to the "Africa Mercy".

Finally up to date

Up-to-date and correct addresses are the foundation for forging customer relationships based on equal partnership. This was also the conclusion reached by those in charge at Mercy Ships. “Address alignment was completed at lightning speed – we were able to incorporate the updated addresses into our CRM system with great ease,” says Head of Donor Relations Christophe Baer, expressing his utmost satisfaction in the service.

50 percent fewer returns

The result of the address update was astounding: returned mailings were reduced by half thanks to regular address maintenance. To Christophe Baer, it is clear: “Correct addresses not only bring cost savings but are also important for our image.” The specialists at Mercy Ships are also able to concentrate on their core competencies and save resources. “The support and personal advice from the customer advisor really appealed to me and in the end won me over” – this was the thoroughly positive summary of the collaboration offered by the Head of Donor Relations at Mercy Ships.

Overview of benefits

  • Free address database analysis
  • Reduction in returns
  • Time savings thanks to the efficient address updating system
  • Simple integration into CRM (easy handling)
  • Savings on postage and production costs
  • Available around the clock
  • Professional handling
  • Personal, flexible advice

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