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The notification of move service provides you with immediate access to movers’ addresses to update your mailing list. After creating an electronic forwarding order, customers who are moving can click your logo to give their consent to the forwarding of the new address. Swiss Post delivers movers’ addresses to you on a daily basis.

The advantages for you:

  • Correct movers’ addresses received every day
  • A considerable reduction in returns thanks to up-to-date addresses
  • New dialogue marketing options thanks to offers tailored to movers
  • A highly visible presence with your logo on a heavily frequented Swiss Post platform
  • High customer retention since movers consciously choose your company
  • A simple method for your customers to declare a change of address

Service and features

Not having the new address when a customer moves means that companies often see an increase in returns, creating unnecessary costs. This is often because with the stress of the move, customers either forget to provide their new address or they provide an incomplete address.

Immediate receipt of movers’ addresses

Swiss Post’s notification of move service provides you with an innovative way to easily keep your addresses up to date. After creating an electronic forwarding order, customers who are moving can choose your company with a simple click. Swiss Post forwards the movers’ addresses to you by secure IncaMail on a daily basis. The notification of move service makes a significant contribution to reducing the number of returns and improving the quality of addresses.

Your presence on the frequently used forwarding order platform

By using the notification of move service, you establish a strong presence on the frequently used platform for electronic forwarding orders. You highlight your presence on the industry-specific selection page and improve your image among your customers by simplifying notification of a change of address. Because your addresses are updated immediately, the notification of move service also improves the accuracy of your direct marketing activities.


You are a customer of other address maintenance services

Price per notification of move
CHF 1.25 excl. VAT

Notifications of move contain both non-blocked and blocked notifications. When entering a change of address, private customers state whether or not their new address may be passed on to third parties that already hold their old address. If the customer gives permission for their address to be passed on, this is known as a non-blocked address change. If the customer does not give their permission, this is known as a blocked address change. Private customers can also use the notification of move to inform selected companies directly of their new address. Companies that carry out address maintenance via Swiss Post on a continuous basis benefit from free access to non-blocked notifications of move, as they already receive this information as part of their address maintenance. Blocked notifications of move are still subject to a fee.

You are not a customer of other address maintenance services

Price per notification of move for blocked and non-blocked address changes with/without forwarding
CHF 1.25 excl. VAT

What customers say

Swiss Post sends us clear, valid data that allows for fast processing in our system.

Riccardo Scandella, Contact Center Team Leader, Neue Zürcher Zeitung

The notification of move is a forward-looking e-solution which is of real benefit to our private customers and SBB alike.

Marc Dettwiler, Distribution & Services – Corporate Development, SBB AG

The benefit to our donors is clear: thanks to one-time data capture on a central platform, they are spared having to fill out various Internet forms.

René Fritschi, Sponsors Center Manager, Rega

For us, it is an advantage that we are informed proactively about the relocation of our customers. This gives us a competitive edge and we can implement the change of address immediately.

Anne-Christine Schäfer, PDB/ADB Manager, AXA, Winterthur


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