Shipment-optimized address update
Recipient addresses that are always up to date

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With the “Shipment-optimized address update”, you can have recipient addresses checked for deliverability simply and efficiently in a number of different Swiss Post services.

Do you use an online service or software solution from Swiss Post to get your postal items ready for dispatch? With the “Shipment-optimized address update”, you can have recipient addresses checked for deliverability simply and efficiently on request and have them corrected automatically and directly within the process. Make use of this new option and increase the success of your mailshots or those of your customers.

The advantages for you

  • Minimization of undeliverable items thanks to correct addresses
  • Correct customer addresses (sign of appreciation)
  • Your messages reach the customers
  • Address maintenance and shipment available together

Here’s how easy it is

The addresses are transferred securely to Swiss Post and checked in the shortest possible time. Before any adjustments are made, you receive a quotation indicating the costs that would be incurred. As soon as you place your order for a shipment-optimized address update, the corrected addresses will be used directly to prepare your consignment. Naturally, the corrections made are exported at the end of the process in order to update the customer’s own address database.


Correcting addresses

The address is correct. A person, firm or household could be found. Smaller adjustments are carried out, such as correcting small spelling mistakes in the last name and first name or modifying street names, house numbers, postcodes and towns. 


free of charge

Relocation information (Switzerland)

Outdated addresses are replaced by the new address in Switzerland. 


CHF 1.25 per hit

Deleting duplicates

Addresses recognized as duplicates are identified.

Duplicates are deleted from the mailing file and highlighted in the correction file.


CHF 0.25 per duplicate

Who is this service for? Preconditions

Where is it available?

The “Shipment-optimized address update” is already available in the following online services or software solutions from Swiss Post:

Bulk Mailing Manager

Other services are currently in the planning stage.

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