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The simple way to keep your address details updated in the long term
Check, verify and update addresses

A well-managed customer database is the key to success of any company because it will help you maintain direct contact with your customers. Manage your addresses with us over the long term. Verify and update your address database so that your mail reaches your existing customers. Swiss Post’s services will support you with your address management needs.

Thanks to our unparalleled data basis in address and geodata, you’re bound to find the right solution for your needs in our broad range of services.

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Verify addresses when they are entered
Only enter qualified addresses into your database

  • Input assistance thanks to autocomplete
  • Verification of personal and company addresses
  • Trustworthiness of an address (fraud prevention)
  • Web service connection (REST/SOAP)
Outdated address file that would certainly require an address update.

Update addresses for dispatch-related purposes or on  a continuous basis.
Compare your address details with Swiss Post

  • Free address analysis
  • Detailed statement per address
  • Obtain movers’ addresses
  • Various technical access channels
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Use address and geodata
Use reference data for optimizing your logistics and geographical information systems

  • Street information
  • Sorting data
  • Postcodes
  • Geographical reference files (GIS) or municipality numbers

Why are up-to-date addresses vital?
The importance of address management

Accurate customer addresses are vital for successful customer relations. This is why it’s essential that you only record verified, accurate addresses when it comes to entering the details in your systems. However, within just a year, up to 10 percent of your addresses may no longer be valid. This is because people move, marry, change their names or move abroad every day.

Over the course of a year* :

  • ... 700,000 people in Switzerland move house.
  • … approximately 36,000 couples in Switzerland get married.
  • ... around 17,000 Swiss couples get divorced.
  • ... around 70,000 people in Switzerland die.
  • ... around 35,000 changes are made to street names and numbers.

*  average annual figures for Switzerland

If you monitor your addresses on a regular, or even ongoing, basis, you can stay connected to your customers. You’ll ensure your mail items and messages reach their destination. The appropriate form of address is also a sign of appreciation. This can help avoid any damage to your reputation caused by inaccurate address details.

By keeping your addresses updated, you can reconnect with customers, reactivate customer relationships and tap into revenue potential. Information about moves can offer valuable contact time details seeing as consumer needs tend to be very high at this stage. Letter returns you receive after items are mailed are something you can also drastically reduce by taking this action, which will save you a lot of time and money.

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Important information
Data protection and data basis

Swiss Post’s address and geodata are unrivalled in Switzerland in terms of quality and quantity. Around 12,000 mail carriers collect the latest data every day, and up to 450,000 households provide us with exclusive access to their movers’ files each year. Around 90 percent of these households give us permission to pass this information on to third parties. Almost 2,200 municipalities work exclusively with Swiss Post to determine street numbers and house numbers.

Our database consists of the following three components:

Street directory:
Creating and changing street names and numbers (CH and LI).

Delivery database:
Our mail carriers deliver to every private letter box on a daily basis. All individuals and companies that receive mail are recorded.

Movers' files database:
We receive the movers' files of private individuals and companies during the address modification process.

Swiss Post strictly complies with the legal requirements of data protection. It does not sell, rent or lease any addresses. The data we collect is simply used as a basis for a comparison with your existing addresses or as a solid foundation for address solutions.

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