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How would it be if your consignments in the logistics center were not only verified for quality and completeness, but also compiled with goods from other suppliers for the convenience of each recipient and re-packaged for onward carriage? Cross-docking at Swiss Post provides you with these benefits. It helps you simplify your logistics considerably and ideally outsource your temporary storage facilities.


  • You can entrust the entire goods flow to a single partner – Swiss Post – without having to handle the goods yourself once.
  • With cross-docking and an electronic goods flow information system, you can even do without warehousing.
  • The goods reach end-consumers more quickly as we process them on our premises and they do not need to be transported to you from our platform and back again.
  • You can have nothing more to do with the entire logistics operation and focus on your core competencies.
  • You don’t need to gear your (preparation) storage capacities towards rarely used peaks.

Here’s how it works
Cross-docking with Swiss Post

  1. Your goods – some of which originate from various locations – arrive at our logistics center.
  2. We check the goods and re-package them.
  3. We compile consignments for various recipients and get these ready for shipping within 24 hours.

Value-added service in cross-docking

  • Fast handling under 12 hours
  • Unloading of unpalleted goods and breaking up of mixed pallets
  • Sampling
  • Preparation of orders received between 6 a.m. and 4 p.m. for delivery the following day
  • Management of packaging/consumables
  • Disposal
  • Picking per item or per SSCC
  • Invoicing, reporting
  • Provision of support/on-call staff
  • Service level agreement

Who is this service for & preconditions

Cross-docking is ideal for business customers who need to pick, transport and store goods, e.g. traders, producers, etc.

Collection and delivery

We collect the goods from your preferred locations and deliver them to the cross-docking location.

Prices and discounts

The prices for our cross-docking services depend on your requirements. As such, we are unable to indicated any set prices. Tell us about your requirements using our contact form. We will then get in touch with you.

More information

Are you curious about what cross-docking can mean for you?

We will be happy to make you a non-binding offer based entirely on your requirements!