Notification with delivery management option
Keep your customers up to date so they can manage receipt of their consignments

Are you looking to improve customer satisfaction by providing more than just information about consignment status? Then you need to choose notifications with delivery management option. Not only will your customers look forward to receiving their parcels, you’ll enable them to manage receipt of consignments themselves.

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The delivery management option is available with the following notification services:

Proof of mailing

This message informs your customers that you will hand over their order to us for transport. The consignment may be tracked online using the consignment number.

Delivery information

This message informs your customers on which day the order will be delivered to them.

As the sender, you decide which of the following delivery management options should be available to your customers for each consignment:

  • Deposit consignment at domicile address
  • Deliver consignment to desired neighbour
  • Deliver consignment on desired day
  • Forward to another address

Here’s how it works

  • Select notification service 1 “Proof of mailing” or 2 “Delivery information”, as well as delivery management options.

  • Address consignments and prepare recipient addresses.

  • Transmission of address data to Swiss Post as XML file by e-mail, via SFTP or Sedex.

  • Hand in consignments.

  • Validation of data and sorting of consignments by Swiss Post.

  • Notifications ordered sent by Swiss Post to recipients in unencrypted e-mail with delivery management link.

  • Delivery of the items.

Preconditions for participants

The notification services are suitable for companies that want to generate greater customer proximity by actively sending information to their customers. 

As a business customer with a billing relationship, you can activate the service via the following channels:

In order to be able to use the service, the GTC “Notification services” must be accepted and the desired franking licence activated. 

Each order placed costs you CHF 0.10.

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