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Major digitization step underway for the healthcare sector in Italian-speaking Switzerland

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The eHealth Ticino (eHTI) community wants to use digital services to expand cantonal healthcare and create a more efficient structure. eHTI has opted to use Swiss Post solutions and services to implement its system. Thanks to the Post E-Health platform, which includes the electronic patient record (EPR), personal healthcare information is accessible to authorized service providers and patients themselves at any time.

Gradual expansion towards an attractive digital service

The service aims to simplify cooperation between healthcare professionals in Ticino and the rest of Switzerland, allowing patients convenient access to their own healthcare information. Those benefiting from the system include regional hospitals and clinics linked to the community, various professional bodies such as the Association of Retirement Home Managers in Italian-speaking Switzerland, the Association of Doctors and Pharmacists in the Canton of Ticino and the patients themselves, who are represented in the eHTI by the Consumer Association of Italian-speaking Switzerland.

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