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Integrated treatment thanks to the electronic patient record

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Giving members of the public the key to their healthcare data and enabling service providers to deliver healthcare more effectively. Those are the goals that axsana has set itself. To this end, it has joined forces with Swiss Post: it operates and offers the electronic patient record (EPR) via the Post E-Health platform. The public and service providers in 14 cantons can benefit from the EPR under the xsana brand.

A boost for the digitization of the Swiss healthcare system

Swiss Post acquired a majority stake in axsana AG on 30 September 2022 (see News). The close partnership with the operating company enables processes and technology to be standardized. This creates more scope for investment in the EPR’s future, which is equally beneficial to both the general public and to service providers such as hospitals, medical practices, outpatient doctors, care-at-home organizations and nursing homes.

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