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Together for a healthy future

The non-profit association eSANITA brings together more than 300 innovative members across 13 cantons, ranging from hospitals, care homes and psychiatric and rehabilitation clinics to pharmacies, domestic assistance and care organizations and outpatient health professionals. As well as the EPR, eSANITA offers other services including a wide range of digital solutions, the “eSANITA e-health services”. These are used for professional B2B data exchange between individual service providers.

Digital business communications as the basis for the EPR

What makes eSANITA special and unique in Switzerland is the e-health platform’s “dual approach”. Documents related to treatment are provided in a personal electronic patient record (EPR) automatically and without any additional manual effort as part of B2B communications and processes between health professionals and institutions.

“The use of B2B processes to automatically file treatment-related documents in the EPR is unique,” says RIchard Patt, Managing Director of the eSANITA association. This is beneficial to all stakeholders. Health professionals can do away with the separate, manual administration of the EPR, while patients can always find up-to-date documents related to their treatment in their EPR.

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