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Electronic patient record on track

At the last Projectathon before the electronic patient record is introduced, Swiss Post completed all tests successfully. In doing so, it demonstrated that it is ready for EPR implementation.

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At the EPR Projectathon in Berne, Swiss Post successfully completed all 120 tests taken. It has now successfully tested all relevant use cases a number of times and is ready for the introduction of the electronic patient record (EPR) in April 2020. This was also shown by the group tests, in which up to twelve participants ran through a complex, realistic workflow. Here Swiss Post proved its interoperability with all parties and IT systems.

The EPR Projectathon in Berne took place from 23 to 27 September 2019. During the Projectathons, providers and experts are able to regularly review technical implementation of the EPR. This includes, for example, standard interfaces in accordance with the IHE profiles as well as the Swiss-specific enhancements for interfaces.