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Address your customers directly via the Swiss Post branches

With the comprehensive cross-media service from PubliPoste, you can reach your potential and existing customers quickly, easily and cost-efficiently. Select the advertising opportunity that best fits your objectives and combine it with others to achieve an optimal advertising effect. Your success will be measurable. 

  • A wide-ranging cross-media offer 
  • Quick and inexpensive customer contact 
  • Specific to target groups 
  • Broad coverage

Important information
PubliPoste – the versatile Swiss Post advertising channel that covers the whole of Switzerland

  • About 1,000 Swiss Post branches are ready to accept your advertising. 
  • Every day, about 450,000 customers visit our branches, and view or receive your advertising.

Take advantage of a wide range of advertising options in our branches from promotional spaces and posters through dispensers, distribution at the counter to the advertising screen.

We provide professional advice and accompaniment for your advertising campaigns: from planning and production to coordination and quality control.

Forms of advertising

PromoStandard – make a splash on four square metres of promotional space

The 2 x 2 m sized promotional areas that you can book in over 100 branches throughout Switzerland provide space to address potential customers in person. Whether you’re organizing a tasting with your promotional team, handing out flyers or product samples, organizing a fundraising event or using the promotional space as a sales platform, you’ll come across a large number of potential customers in a relaxed atmosphere. Our branches are ideal for addressing potential new customers directly and in person.

PromoLight – a promotional space measuring one square metre

In over 450 branches, a compact promotional space is available to you. You can obtain more information about PromoLight by calling +41 58 386 60 00 or sending an e-mail to

Your posters stand out in our branches

Posters offer an excellent return on investment. Your posters achieve maximum effect in our branches. At the usual poster sites, hardly anyone stands still on the street to look at posters or read the copy. In our branches, customers have more than enough time. While they wait, they have ample time to read your posters in peace and quiet. Where else would your posters receive as much attention?

Dispensers: attractive and prominent

Dispensers are placed in prominent locations and catch the eye. This means they are the ideal place to bring your brochures, catalogues, magazines, flyers etc. to the attention of an interested audience.

You can be sure that the target group will happily take your message home. There is virtually no wastage. Particularly if your product has an attractive design.

Our combo tip: your advertising is even more efficient if you combine your display with a CanalPoste advertising spot or reserve a poster in the relevant branch, for example right beside the dispenser.

In-branch sampling – one of the most efficient promotional measures of all. From surprise giveaways and refreshing drinks samples to informative catalogues – the giveaways at the counter target the desired audience, accompanied by a winning smile. Thanks to the help (briefing) you can give the staff at the counter, you can reach as many target customers as possible. You select the branches involved individually – to suit your needs and wishes. This enables you to cover both urban and rural areas as well as conurbations in equal measure.

Our combo tip: give your counter distribution special emphasis in combination with A3 posters or with an advertising spot on our screens.

Clearly visible and prominently positioned

Movement grabs the attention. That’s the reason for the growing popularity of out-of-home communication. CanalPoste, the densest ad-screen network in Switzerland, provides the ideal stage for your presentation: your advertising spot in 16:9 format is shown on more than 380 screens in over 250 branches.

Our combo tip: combine your CanalPoste advertising spot with a dispenser. With a dispenser directly under the screen, your presentation will attract even more attention.

CanalPoste technical production data 


Freeze frames .jpg2
Video .wmv und .mp4 (H264)

1  Unfortunately, data differing from the production specifications cannot be shown on CanalPoste

2  only RGB-coded 


Aspect ratio 16:9
Resolution 1280 x 720 pixels or 1920 x 1080 pixels (mp4)
Frame rate 25 Fps
File size max. 25 MB
Audio track No track
Bit rate max. 8,000 Kbit/s

Conversions from other formats for a surcharge. You can send advertising spots of up to 5 MB to For commercials over 5 MB, please call us on 058 386 60 00.

CanalPoste advertising spot production – Keller und Partner GmbH
Special service for new media
Bielstrasse 42
3294 Büren an der Aare

Mobile number: 076 383 42 44 

Advertising planning
How to manage your advertising

Type of branch

Over 1,000 in Switzerland

With over 1,000 branches, Swiss Post has one of the densest sales networks in the world. Exploit this potential! Local, regional or national: PubliPoste offers a wide range of advertising possibilities. You decide which type of branch is best suited to your message.

Branch sales groups

  • Group 1 (types A to D): very large branches in the centre of large cities. Average of 1,200 customers per day.
  • Group 2 (types E to H): large branches in the centre of large and medium-sized cities and conurbations. Average of 400 customers per day.
  • Group 3 (types I to N): medium-sized branches in villages and smaller city districts. Average of 150 customers per day.

The branches in group 1 cannot be reserved alone, but only in combination with at least one other group. This does not, however, apply to CanalPoste or for the distribution of advertising material and samples at the counter.

Economic areas
Distribution of advertising per economic area

A key advantage of advertising in branches is the option of localizing your message according to precise criteria. A campaign only in French-speaking Switzerland? A campaign only in the central region? Precisely selected branches in a specific region? The choice is yours.

Economic areas

11 Geneva

12 Vaud

13 Neuchâtel

14 Jura

15 Fribourg

16 Lower Valais

21 Lucerne/OW/NW

22 Bernese Oberland

23 Upper Valais

24 Zug 25 Uri/Schwyz

26 St.Gallen/Appenzell Innerrhoden/Ausserrhoden

27 Glarus/Obersee

28 Graubunden Unterland

29 Graubunden Oberland

31 Basel

32 Solothurn

33 Bernese Oberland

34 Bernese Mittelland

41 Aargau

42 Schaffhausen

43 Zurich

44 Thurgau

51 Ticino

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