For attention-grabbing, handwritten mailings

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RoboPen creates letters, cards, envelopes and other documents as if they were written by hand. The visible pressure of the clamped pen and slight variations in the letters ensure an authentic typeface.

  • Pre-defined fonts or your own handwriting
  • Ballpoint pen, fountain pen or special pens
  • Different materials and formats
  • Personalized content
  • Large and small print runs

The RoboPen product is provided by Swiss Post in association with Druckerei Robert Hürlimann AG in Zurich.

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Film: RoboPen - The robot that writes like you

Significantly higher response rates

Some 99 percent of recipients open and read a handwritten letter. The response and conversion rates are up to ten times higher than for a conventional printed mailing. And it’s no surprise: the aesthetics and time-consuming process involved in preparing a handwritten message convey an impression of esteem – even if the recipient is aware that it is a mechanical product.

Individual, personalized and for every purpose

Whether it is for a formal invitation to a company anniversary, a customer loyalty thank-you card or a mailing in a multi-phase campaign, you can use documents created by RoboPen in a wide range of situations. Even technically speaking, there are almost no limits. RoboPen can even write on cardboard. For a very personal touch, we can digitize your own handwriting so that the robot can write just like you.


  • Letter
  • Postcard (A6 or A5 format)
  • Envelope
  • Special formats


A price example can be found in the RoboPen factsheet. We would be happy to send you a non-binding quotation.

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