Document solutions
Organize procedures more efficiently and transparently

With document solutions you can send, receive and securely store your letters and invoices digitally, saving you time and money. Your data is archived on secure Swiss Post servers. That’s how we’re supporting companies in their digital transformation.

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Send mail digitally
E-Post Business

  • Your letter mail will from then on be sent electronically
  • Your customers decide whether they want to receive your consignments digitally or as physical letters
  • We arrange for these to be sent to your recipients
  • We print, package, address and send your mail
  • There are several interfaces (API, FDS, Print & Send) allowing you to send mail digitally

Archive digitally

  • Legally-compliant archiving according to AccO (Accounts Ordinance)
  • VATO-compliant archiving as set out in the Value Added Tax Ordinance
  • Storage on redundant servers in Switzerland by Swiss Post
  • Operational support and development in Switzerland
  • Access via browsers or various interfaces

Receive mail digitally
Digital Inbox

  • Letter mail is automatically redirected to the Swiss Post Scancenter
  • Letter mail is scanned for next-day delivery
  • The digitized letter mail is provided as searchable PDF documents
  • The digital inbox can be accessed from anywhere
  • The scanned letters can still be delivered physically if preferred
  • The physical letters are destroyed in a legally-compliant manner

Integral document management services
Solutions by Swiss Post Solutions

Direct Mail

Turn any invoices, account statements and policies you send into marketing messages. Discover more about the Direct Mail solution from Swiss Post Solutions. 

Transaction printing

Swiss Post Solutions offers integrated output management systems which provide comprehensive solutions for secure and economical transaction printing of business documents in large print runs. 

Output management

An integrated document output management solution allows you to manage your entire output process chain. Swiss Post Solutions can create large volumes of business documents and customer communications as per the customer’s requests, be it physically via print or digitally via e-mail, SMS, fax, system interfaces or online.