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Archive documents with the e-archive, compliant with AccO and OEIDI

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E-archive outsourcing

With the majority takeover of Klara Business AG by Swiss Post, a new communication services ecosystem is being created and access to digital postal services simplified even further. To this end, the e-archive is incorporated into Klara Business AG. For you, the customer, this changes absolutely nothing.

Are you looking for a way to archive your documents digitally in accordance with legal and auditing requirements, and to access them online at any time? You can archive and search your customer documents, contracts and bank slips easily online in the Swiss Post e-archive in accordance with legal and auditing requirements. 

The advantages for you

  • Legally-compliant archiving in accordance with the Accounts Ordinance (Acco) and Value Added Tax Ordinance (OEIDI)
  • Availability of your documents 24/7 via web or SOAP interface
  • Storage on redundant servers in Switzerland by Swiss Post
  • Access record via Audit Trail

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Efficient, secure, compliant with AccO and OEIDI

You can save your data simply and securely in the Swiss Post e-archive and manage editing using workflows as required. Or you can use one of the interfaces and edit your data directly in your usual programs.

  • Import via an ERP or 3PP system or ScanPartner
  • Search results exported as a CSV
  • Documents can be edited as required by means of workflow management via web or SOAP interfaces
  • Notes: insert comments
  • Share documents: call up via e-mails with integrated link
  • Full-text search: using keywords and metadata
  • Search filter: user-defined filters for efficient search

This is how secure your data is
The utmost security and confidentiality

E-archiving satisfies the very highest confidentiality requirements: based on postal secrecy, we are obliged to handle third-party information as confidential. Access to your documents is recorded via Audit Trail and access logs. We work with you to create a tailor-made access concept ensuring your data is handled securely.

Your next steps
We will gladly make time for you

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    Initial consultation

    You will be given more details on our e-archive and we will learn about your situation and your goals. The initial telephone consultation with our experts takes around one hour and is free of charge. We will then be able to create an offer.

  • Conception (1-2 months)

    We will set out the concept with you and define document types, archiving structure and permissions. You decide whether you wish the integrate the e-archive into your systems, and how, based on the e-archive interface description.

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    Implementation (2-4 months)

    We configure your e-archive in accordance with the specifications set in the conceptual phase. You ensure the required connections and integration work are performed on your side while in continual communication with our technicians.

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    You will have a legally-compliant, long-term e-archive with 24/7 access. We offer dedicated e-archive support via the service desk in Switzerland (Mon–Fri, 8 a.m. to 6 p.m.).

We would be pleased to provide you with personalized advice
May we contact you?

We would be pleased to show you your individual options during a personal meeting.

This would be your possible business case
Examples of use

Bank slips
Automated, legally compliant archiving in accordance with AccO

  • Daily electronic import of your bank slips via a secure interface
  • Automatic allocation of bank slips to a predefined folder
  • Search for bank slips and transactions by means of full-text search
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Workflows with validation and reminders

  • Comprehensive electronic overview of contracts
  • Automatic reminder in good time of expiring contracts
  • Contracts are archived in the e-archive in compliance with the law
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Customer documents
Archive and make available via the customer portal

  • Make customer documents available for download in your customer portal via the Swiss Post e-archive
  • Documents subject to an archiving obligation are archived in the e-archive in compliance with the law
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Franchising invoices
Central solution for all franchisees

  • Save on costs by doing away with the mailing of physical invoices
  • Access to invoices 24/7 for franchisees
  • Legally compliant archiving of invoices
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What the pricing model looks like

The pricing model is based on two components

  • Fixed cost part
  • Variable cost part – based on intensity of use (criteria: number of archived documents, uploads, views, digital signatures)

We will be happy to prepare an individual offer for you based on your requirements.


More information

We will be pleased to provide you with personalized advice.
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