E-Post Business
Optimize correspondence processes with digital letter mail

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Start providing Swiss Post with your consignments electronically. This will allow you to minimize your expenditure and ideally position yourself in the omnichannel environment. We arrange for your consignments to be sent to your recipients according to their wishes – whether as a traditional letter or digitally to their electronic letter box. 

  • Your letter mail will from then on be sent electronically 
  • Your customers decide whether they want to receive your consignments digitally or as physical letters 
  • We arrange for these to be sent to your recipients 
  • We print, package, address and send your mail 
  • There are several interfaces (API, FDS, Print & Send) allowing you to send mail digitally

E-Post Business interfaces

E-Post Business offers you several interfaces for sending your digital letter mail securely to Swiss Post. With the E-Post Business interfaces, you are also connected to E-Post Office, the online letter box for private customers. Here, your customers can choose whether they wish to receive their mail digitally in their private letter box or in electronic format directly in E-Post Office.

E-Post API

With E-Post API, customer communication can be delivered digitally via E-Post Office – if the customer opts in.

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E-Post FD

Professional digital letter delivery for large customers via “File Delivery Server” (FDS).

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E-Post Print & Send

Simple electronic letter mailing for SMEs or associations: letters, invoices, etc. directly from any software.

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E-Post KMUPlus

Send your letters and invoices electronically via a Swiss Post digital standard interface. No more need to print, package or go to the post office.

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