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With E-Post API, you can send correspondence to your private customers electronically via E-Post Office. This enables your customers to decide for themselves whether they want to receive mail items digitally, leaving you optimally positioned within the omnichannel environment. Use Swiss Post’s purely digital channel to reach your private customers at their chosen location – on the E-Post Office platform.

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The advantages for you:

  • Communicate with your customers digitally in E-Post Office
  • Your customers can receive mail items from you and other companies centrally in one location
  • Simple connection to E-Post Office via an API
  • Intensify contact with your customers while reducing shipping costs

The benefits for you

Reach your private customers wherever they choose. With E-Post API, you know at all times which customers want to receive mail digitally via E-Post Office. Swiss Post transmits the electronic documents securely and quickly to the relevant recipients, who can then securely archive and respond to the documents and pay any invoices directly.

Your physical print output processes will not be impaired, and the technical connection is based on API technology.

Here’s how it works

  1. 1

    Integrate E-Post API easily into your system landscape.

  2. 2

    Through the API, you receive information as to which of your customers wish to receive mail items in E-Post Office.

  3. 3

    You record the recipient customer’s preferred receiving channel and (where possible) a user key in your CMS, or simply send us your own key.

  4. 4

    In the output process, you simply send the mail item and the defined key to E-Post Office via the API.

  5. 5

    The item will then be delivered to the user in their E-Post Office.


As a business customer, you are connected to the E-Post Office platform via the E-Post API. Prices for communication via the E-Post Office platform are agreed individually:

Basic price

The basic price for E-Post API is an annual flat fee and amounts to a maximum of CHF 0.50 excluding VAT per recipient (E-Post Office user). Discounts of up to a maximum of 75% are granted on this price.

Added-value services

Additional services, such as sending an invoice, are billed per shipment/transaction. Sending invoices costs CHF 0.20 excluding VAT per consignment.

Pricing example

10 consignments sent a year – four of which are invoices – to one recipient:

Basic price for 10 consignments: 1 x CHF 0.50 = CHF 0.50 (maximum price – discounts of up to 75% possible)
Invoices: 4 x CHF 0.20 = CHF 0.80
Total: CHF 1.30 -> CHF 0.13 per consignment on average

Do you have any questions or want a quotation? Get in touch with your customer advisor or contact us for more information. We would be pleased to provide you with personalized advice.

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Data is stored in Switzerland on Swiss Post servers. In E-Post Office, your correspondence is protected as securely as possible from unauthorized access. Data traffic sent via E-Post Office is encrypted at all times in compliance with the latest security standards.

What is E-Post Office?

A platform for private customers wishing to receive, manage and archive digital mail items from business customers.

More information on E-Post Office.

Technical connection

Technical documentation for connecting E-Post API is available. Please contact your personal customer advisor.

Test environment

Swiss Post provides a test environment which can be used without any obligation. Please contact your personal customer advisor.


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