E-Post FDS
Digital letter mail via FDS (File Delivery Server) for large companies

Printing, packing, franking and delivery: with E-Post FDS you can digitize your letter mailings simply, enhance your efficiency and position yourself better in the digital environment. Let your customers decide whether they want to have your mailings delivered as normal to their letter boxes or opt for the very convenient electronic channel.

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E-Post Business

Mail is sent in line with recipient preferences: the sender submits the data to Swiss Post. Swiss Post then forwards the documents – in either physical or electronic form depending on the recipient’s preference.

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Streamline your processes and avoid media disruptions in your corporate communications – with E-Post FDS. Simply send your mailings to us, and we take care of the rest. Everything from printing to delivery. When delivering your mail items, we check the communication channel your customers have chosen in the “E-Post Office” online service. If the recipient has elected to receive mail in digital format, Swiss Post sends the electronic documents quickly and securely to their E-Post Office inbox.

How E-Post FDS works

You send your mass mailings – such as statements or invoices – to us in digital format via E-Post FDS. The recipients of your mailings register for the “E-Post Office” online service, and select how they would like to receive your mailings in future.

  • If the recipient opts for delivery in paper format, Swiss Post will handle the printing and delivery if required. Alternatively, you can use your own infrastructure or commission a third-party provider to handle printing.
  • If the recipient has opted for digital format, Swiss Post will handle the secure, fast transfer of the electronic document. Via their computers, iPads or smartphones, recipients have access any time and anywhere to all their mail items and documents and can sort them, reply to them and archive them. Soon, they will also be able to pay electronic invoices received through E-Post Office via online banking as normal.

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