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Save yourself a lot of time and effort when sending your invoices and letters. With E-Post Print & Send, you can create your documents in your preferred program. Then simply send them to Swiss Post with a click of the mouse – and you’re done.

Swiss Post will take care of the entire physical process: printing, stuffing envelopes, franking and delivery. It’s worth it, even for a small number of invoices.

Don’t have a Swiss Post login yet? Register now, and you can use E-Post Print & Send and many other practical services immediately.

The advantages for you

  • No paperwork
  • No dependency on counter opening hours
  • A Mail, B Mail, A Mail Plus and Registered
  • Clear payment process with a monthly invoice

Try the innovative office solution now.

All the important points at a glance

Here’s how it works
E-Post Print & Send is easy to use

After you have created one or more documents, you can select the printing menu in your program as normal. However, instead of printing the documents, you can send them to Swiss Post with a click of the mouse. Everything is handled for you.

Printing, stuffing envelopes, franking and delivery – Swiss Post will take care of all of this for you. You will be placing your trust in more than 150 years of experience in handling sensitive documents.

In your user account, you will receive clear monthly reporting and can adjust all the account settings to your individual needs.

Save yourself a great deal of effort, paperwork and a walk to the letter box – E-Post Print & Send is worth it, even for small numbers of invoices and letters.


E-Post Print & Send ensures maximum security, starting from the moment the data is sent: your documents are transferred directly from your computer to a secure Swiss Post server. Without any detours through third-party servers or providers. The data transfer is encrypted in accordance with the highest standards.

Before sending your documents, you can of course take some time to check them again – and print them out if necessary.

In addition, Swiss Post automatically checks all of your recipient addresses before they are printed. If an address is no longer up to date, you will receive a notification – the letter won’t be produced and you won’t incur any extra charges.

Service and contact

It’s easy to get started: all you need to use E-Post Print & Send is the free printer driver. You can simply download it here after you have registered with your login.

Production and shipping costs

Example: You only pay CHF 1.35 for the production of a single-sided and colour-printed A4 monthly invoice with an inpayment slip in a C5 envelope and mailing via B Mail.

Production and shipping

Shipping costs

Surcharge on A Mail, B Mail, Registred (R) and A Mail Plus

Production costs


With a window

C5 envelope
+ 0.40 / item
C4 envelope
+ 2.20 / item


Colour, simplex and duplex printing

Single-sided A4 page
+ 0.10 / item
Double-sided A4 page
+ 0.15 / item

All prices exclude VAT.

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