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The advantages of physical and digital mail combined

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E-post combines the advantages of physical and digital mail, resulting in new, modern and flexible solutions from Swiss Post’s hybrid services. Everything from electronic sending of mail items to receiving e-letters in your virtual letter box – thanks to e-post, companies and private individuals are on the cutting edge of communication technology.

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The Internet is continually driving our individuality and independence forward. Swiss Post has embraced the spirit of the times with new, innovative solutions. E-post gives you the best of both worlds by combining the advantages of paper letters with those of digital mail items.

The e-post solutions give companies and private customers an entirely new level of flexibility. The blending of digital and physical channels through e-post solutions facilitates multi-channel management for companies, providing them with valuable support for their digital transformation goals. Private individuals in Switzerland are also being offered new ways to receive and process their incoming mail. E-post: helping companies and private customers keep a finger on the pulse of the times!

E-post for private customers

Swiss people have a choice thanks to E-Post Office: either to receive their post in the letter box as usual or electronically. On the smart E-Post Office online platform they can simply select which letters, invoices or policies should arrive in paper form or digitally in future. Mail that arrives as an e-letter in a virtual letter box appears as a PDF in the E-Post Office inbox. Swiss Post is always there: when you’re at home, at work or on the go. E-Post Office also makes it easy to archive and process your electronic mail, and in the case of invoices, making payments is convenient too. Receive post – when, where and however is most suitable.

More at: swisspost.ch/epostoffice

E-post for companies

E-post offers additional clever solutions for companies: the E-Post Print & Send SME interface facilitates simple, purely electronic delivery – with no minimum volume required. SMEs create their letters or invoices in the normal way, and then with a click of the mouse, forward them to Swiss Post.

Large companies, on the other hand, have the option of sending bulk mailings – a customer letter or an invoice – digitally via E-Post FDS. If the recipient has opted to have correspondence delivered as letters, Swiss Post will handle everything from printing to shipping. If the recipient has opted for the digital channel, Swiss Post will handle the secure and fast transfer of the electronic document. Recipients can access their documents worldwide at any time, day or night, via their computer, iPad or smartphone.

More at: swisspost.ch/epostbusiness


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