Post E-Health
Connecting health securely

Post E-Health
Connecting health securely

Swiss Post has spent many years working with its customers to develop successful solutions for the digital healthcare sector. Swiss Post’s customer base is continually expanding thanks to its extensive range of services and the exciting projects it has implemented.

The intercantonal association CARA uses Swiss Post for its E-Health platform. The platform includes both the electronic patient record and services for the secure exchange of medical information amongst health professionals.

The eHealth Aargau core community is advancing digitization amongst healthcare professionals in the Aargau care region. The association has opted to use Swiss Post solutions to implement its digital health ecosystem, which includes the electronic patient record and B2B services.

In the course of 2021, the e-Health Ticino (eHTI) core community will launch the first e-health platform designed for the public in Italian-speaking Switzerland. To do so, eHTI will use solutions from Swiss Post. The new services will enable community members to network with each other in a way that is simple and secure. Thanks to the electronic patient record (EPR), they will also receive a complete picture of the patient’s health history and condition.

Swiss Post is implementing a platform for the comprehensive exchange of digital health and treatment data in the cantons of Graubünden and Glarus for the members of the eHealth Südost association.

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