E-collaboration services
Interconnected patient care

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The E-collaboration services support healthcare professionals along the treatment path, ease the workload from administrative processes, and simplify the exchanging of technical information.

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Input/output management
Bridging from analogue to digital and vice versa

Swiss Post’s input/output management facilitates the sending and receiving of orders and reports, and referral and transfer documents via traditional channels such as letter, fax and e-mail, as well as directly via the Post E-Health platform. This makes exchanging information with healthcare professionals who are not digitally connected to the Post E-Health platform more efficient.

  • Increased efficiency thanks to support for digital processes and outsourcing to Swiss Post as a professional service provider
  • Enhanced transparency when transferring reports, orders, as well as referral and transfer documents
  • Better auditability than conventional channels

Optimal flow of information between service providers

This service ensures that all treatment-related information is passed on when patients are referred or transferred. This applies to those relocating to another healthcare facility as well as to emergency referrals/transfers. The data is transferred in an encrypted state and in accordance with the regulatory data exchange formats. Communication channels can be combined flexibly (via Swiss Post’s input/output management service).

If requested, it is also possible to automatically track the current treatment status. This service is either available integrated into the respective IT systems, or as a stand-alone solution via the E-portal for healthcare professionals.

  • Increased safety thanks to seamless treatment processes
  • Faster response times thanks to an automated notification system
  • Improved treatment quality thanks to increased transparency 
  • Enhanced efficiency thanks to workflows automated in accordance with preferences
  • Faster overview thanks to user-friendly data preparation

E-order management
Service for order processing

This service supports the ordering, delivery and returns processes for diagnostic examinations. Bodily samples are uniquely referenced and assigned to the respective order. Re-orders are automatically compiled with the initial order depending on the depth of integration. The service also supports the passing-on of orders to third parties.

Orders are sent either via a highly secure digital channel or the conventional path (via Swiss Post’s input/output management service). The order and associated findings reports are available for access in the E-portal for healthcare professionals or in their own IT systems, provided that the service has been fully integrated.

  • Greater security and transparency thanks to complete auditability
  • Reduction in errors thanks to unique referencing
  • Enhanced efficiency thanks to workflows automated in accordance with preferences
  • Faster overview thanks to user-friendly data preparation
  • Flexible use thanks to the choice between full integration and the stand-alone service

E-report transfer
Needs-based sending and receipt of documents

The E-report transfer service encompasses the provision as well as the targeted, secure and encrypted transfer of medical or care-related data. Technical and semantic interoperability are both crucial to the success of electronic information exchange. The transfer process is supported by structured and unstructured formats. Swiss Post’s input/output management service ensures reports can also be sent and received via conventional paths (secure e-mail, fax, letter mail).

E-report transfer can be fully integrated into the respective IT systems or deployed as a stand-alone solution via the E-portal for healthcare professionals.

  • Better auditability thanks to integrated notification
  • Greater transparency in the transfer process
  • Increased efficiency thanks to automated partial processes
  • Faster overview thanks to user-friendly data preparation
  • Flexible use thanks to the options of full integration or the stand-alone service

E-image data management
External diagnosis and second opinion for radiological examinations

This e-service enables eligible healthcare professionals from various health facilities to securely exchange image data and associated radiology findings. The commissioned radiologist can adopt the relevant data into their own information system, discuss the case via teleconsultation, obtain an external second opinion, or directly create a second findings report. The new findings report is also automatically compiled with the corresponding order and made available on the Post E-Health platform or in a proprietary IT system (if fully integrated). The DICOM Viewer incorporated into both E-portals enables images to also be displayed for patients.

  • Simple order processing for external diagnostic processes
  • Increased efficiency when exchanging radiological image data
  • Simple communication for obtaining radiological second opinions

Current medication and prescriptions at a glance

The partner solution modules – Documedis from HCI Solutions – are fully integrated into the Post E-Health platform’s E-medication service.

The eMediplan module enables healthcare professionals to record and update all medication prescribed to a patient. The service enables extemporaneous preparations to be defined and medication to be selected from the hospINDEX. The eMediplan is stored in the electronic patient record.

  • Increased transparency and efficiency when transferring patients between service providers

  • Quick overview thanks to a clear and straightforward display

  • Flexible deployment ranging from full integration into primary systems through to web-based use via the Post E-Health platform

The ePrescription module enables prescriptions to be created, sent electronically and printed. The eMediplan provides all the data required for prescribing medications. Physical prescriptions are given 2D barcodes to enable efficient onward processing. The ePrescription is stored in the electronic patient record.

  • Increased efficiency thanks to the direct transfer of information and improved readability
  • Increased medication safety
  • Flexible use thanks to the choice between full integration into primary systems or the stand-alone service

Additional e-medication service modules include CDS checks (clinical decision support checks) by Documedis, which are certified as a Class I medical product. These checks support doctors and pharmacists in prescribing and substituting medication (e.g. CDS checks for medication interactions, for allergies and insufficiencies, age-related compatibility verification). The polymedication check (PMC) module is provided to enable the medications prescribed to a patient to be viewed as a whole. If the patient consents, the PMC module adopts their medication directly into the official form thereby helping to avoid errors.

E-communication service
Simultaneous exchanging of data independent of location

The Post E-Health platform E-communication service enables service providers from various institutions to conduct virtual, audio or video-based discussions e.g. tumour boards, cross-institution teleconsultations or dermatological case presentations with discussion and documentation of results. In doing so, Swiss Post integrates software and services from partners.

E-appointment booking
Requesting and managing appointments digitally

The Post E-Health platform offers E-appointment booking via the fully integrated and highly secure appointments management system from partner firm POLYPOINT. This enables providers of healthcare services to provide the referring healthcare professional and patients from their (core) community with a direct and efficient option for booking appointments By linking the primary system resource plans, the E-appointment booking service only allows appointments to be booked when the required resources are available. The service increases efficiency when organizing referrals, teleconsultations, cross-institution training courses, consultations and video conferences.

Mobile applications for healthcare professionals
Health data on demand also in use

Health professionals are becoming more and more mobile and increasingly want to be able to access patient data while on the move. To meet this need, the Post E-Health platform offers standardized interfaces based on HL7 FHIR, which allow patient data to be uploaded and downloaded. This gives users access to data from the Post E-Health platform and additional functionalities for mobile use. The return channel from the Post E-Health platform to a mobile device is also supported by standardized interfaces. By linking various third-party apps, an app-based eco-system can be created to offer added value to users. Swiss Post always checks that these third-party apps meet all the statutory requirements and necessary security standards.

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