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E-patient services provide patients with useful value-added services for the electronic patient record. This enables them for example to retrieve their personal vaccination status or quickly and conveniently register for an inpatient stay at hospital.

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E-vaccination record
Personal vaccination status always on hand

The Post E-Health platform supports the national data exchange format CDA-CH-VACD, which enables the electronic vaccination record to be simply imported and exported. The electronic vaccination record can either come from a medical practice system or from the vaccination portal myvaccines.ch. The standardized exchange format allows users to access the national vaccination check service viavac for up-to-date and personalized vaccination recommendations. The electronic vaccination record and the vaccination recommendations can be made accessible and exchanged at any time via the E-portal for healthcare professionals and the e-portal for patients.

E-EPR self-registration
Option for citizens to open their own electronic patient record

The Post E-Health platform meets all the requirements of the Federal Act on the Electronic Patient Record (EPRO). This enables core communities to open electronic patient records (EPRs) via the platform and patients to register using their electronic identity. The goal is for the EPR to become more quickly established within the population and for patients in future to be able to open their EPR independently online, wherever they are. To do this, they need a certified electronic identity. Where no electronic identity from a certified publisher is available, Swiss Post will provide appropriate support, for example through web video identification or personal identification at the post office counter.

E-inpatient registration
Convenient and easy completion of hospital registration

For patients, admission to hospital can be frequently be a complex and tedious process. The Post E-Health platform registration service enables patients and linked hospitals from a (core) community to speed up and simplify the registration process. Patients use a checklist and preconfigured forms to enter their administrative data. Medical information such as examination results and reports, or a patient’s own documents, can also be sent securely and digitally to the hospital. This allows the hospital administration to process the registration more efficiently and provides medical staff with all required information from the outset. The features of E-inpatient registration are available to patients via the e-portal for patients.

Mobile applications for patients
Health data anywhere, anytime

Mobile apps are offered for a wide range of healthcare-related applications. However, most of the apps do not have interfaces to other platforms and the user data is not available in a consolidated form. It would be particularly beneficial for fitness data, blood sugar measurements and other health data to be incorporated into patients’ electronic records. This is where the Post E-Health platform comes in, with standardized interfaces based on HL7 FHIR. These interfaces enable data to be uploaded/downloaded from mobile applications onto the platform and vice versa.

A basic Swiss Post app will in future enable patients to have access to their data and documents and control their access rights at all times from their mobile device. By linking various third-party apps, an app-based eco-system can be created to offer added value to users. Swiss Post always checks that these third-party apps meet all the statutory requirements and necessary security standards.

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