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Post E-Health platform

The centerpiece for Post E-Health’s basic and value-added services

The Post E-Health platform and its managed services are highly secure, readily available and can be accessed directly from a proprietary data center, the technological heart of Post E-Health. The individual managed services ensure the secure use of the electronic patient record (EPR) and other services along the treatment path.

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The electronic patient record (EPR)

The EPR allows registered patients and all authorized healthcare professionals to access medical data anytime and anywhere. Rapid access to important information such as medication lists, discharge reports and allergy information also enhances diagnostic and treatment certainty.

The Federal Act on the Electronic Patient Record (EPRO) (German version), which came into force in April 2017, forms the legal basis for the electronic patient record.

More information on the electronic patient record can be found on the joint information platform operated by Health Suisse, the Confederation and cantons.

Information for healthcare professionals – eHealth Suisse brochure (German version)

Help with certification (German version)

The advantages for healthcare professionals

  • Important reports and other relevant treatment information are available immediately.
  • Patient data and documents on the web portal can be viewed directly in the proprietary IT system.
  • Patient documents can be saved in the EPR at any time, including without access rights (read rights are however granted by patients themselves).
  • Improved treatment processes and enhanced treatment quality.
  • Access to the EPR without explicit access rights is also possible in medical emergencies in the interests of patient safety.

Basic and value-added services for the electronic patient record (EPR)

E-infrastructure basic services

The Post E-Health platform offers an EPR as a basic service, which meets all the requirements of the Federal Act on the Electronic Patient Record (EPRO). The basic services are rounded off by “Standard integration” and “Technical support”.

E-collaboration services

The E-collaboration services support healthcare professionals along the treatment path, ease the workload from administrative processes, and simplify the exchanging of technical information.

E-patient services

The E-patient services help patients register and sign up for vaccinations, and facilitate the direct exchanging of information with healthcare professionals.

Information for patients
What is the electronic patient record?

The electronic patient record gives patients access to their own patient data at the press of a button, anywhere and anytime. Under the provisions of the EPRO, they can decide who is allowed to access their personal data and who is not.

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