Organizational EPDG services
Meeting the preconditions for EPRO certification

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For EPRO certification, (core) communities must also meet organizational requirements in addition to those governing the technical infrastructure. With its Organizational EPDG services, Swiss Post offers services which support the (core) communities in meeting these legal requirements.

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EPR on/off boarding
Service for registration and deregistration

The Federal Act on the Electronic Patient Record (EPRO) requires core communities to allow patients to open an EPR and register their own representative. The core communities must also ensure that patients, and their representatives, can access the EPR using the required credentials. The core community can create its own point of contact for this purpose or use for example a patient admission from an affiliated hospital. Swiss Post offers this service if these two variants are not possible – e.g. in one of its branches.

For all communities and core communities, the EPRO also calls for a proper registration process for healthcare professionals and their auxiliary staff. Swiss Post can perform this service if requested. It can provide a web portal with detailed content for patients, representatives, healthcare professionals and auxiliary staff.

In addition to the registration processes, communities and core communities must ensure the availability of deregistration or withdrawal of the patient or healthcare professional from the EPR system or the cancellation of an EPR after death. Swiss Post can also undertake these tasks if required and implement the processes in compliance with the EPRO.

EPR user help desk
Points of contact for patients and healthcare professionals

Under the Federal Act on the Electronic Patient Record (EPRO), the core communities must provide assistance to patients and their representatives with questions concerning the use of the EPR (electronic patient record). The healthcare professionals in a community or core community must also have a point of contact for information. Swiss Post is currently working on building a specialized helpdesk for patients, their representatives as well as healthcare professionals and their auxiliary staff. The helpdesk staff will provide information on data protection, rights and obligations in the context of the EPR. The helpdesk also will also assist users with questions concerning the use of the portals from patients and healthcare professionals.

EPDG security management
Service to ensure data security and data protection

The requirements for data security and data protection are defined in the Technical and Organizational Certification Requirements (TOZ) as set out in Annex 2 to the FDHA Ordinance on the Electronic Patient Record (EPRO-FDHA), which stipulates that both technical protection measures and organizational and personnel measures must be fulfilled. If requested, Swiss Post or a subcontractor can assume responsibility for various aspects of Section 4 of the Technical and Organizational Certification Requirements (TOZ) concerning an Information Security Management System (ISMS).

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