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With the “Registered” shipping option from IncaMail, you can send important documents by e-mail conveniently and securely from home. When doing so, you and your recipient will receive digitally signed submission and acceptance receipts as proof.

  • Legally approved for various official procedures with authorities (e.g. civil/criminal proceedings, debt collection and bankruptcy proceedings).
  • Send from existing e-mail infrastructure (e.g. Outlook), business software (e.g. SAP) or a web interface.
  • Any recipient address worldwide is accessible

Here’s how it works

  • 2025

    Sending mail

    By clicking on the “Registered” button, you can send your registered confidential message from your application.

  • 3172

    Delivery receipt

    As soon as the message has arrived in IncaMail, you and your recipient receive a digitally signed delivery receipt in a normal e-mail.

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    Receiving mail

    Your recipient receives the message in encrypted form and can either accept or refuse it within a seven day period. If there is no reaction, the message expires after seven days.

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    Opening messages

    If your recipient accepts the message, he or she will be asked to enter their IncaMail password. After successfully entering the password, the recipient can read the message.

  • 3172

    Acceptance, refusal or expiry receipt

    After the acceptance, refusal or expiry of your message, you and your recipient will be issued with another digitally signed receipt indicating the message status.


To send registered IncaMail messages, senders must satisfy the following minimum requirements:

  • Registered IncaMail account with e-mail verification
  • Premium account or business customer contract

Registered IncaMail messages can be sent via all existing product variants and to one or more recipients. Every valid e-mail address can be selected as the recipient of a registered IncaMail message. As per the Recognition by the Federal Administration, registered IncaMail messages have legal validity only if they are sent to a recipient who is listed in the eGov participant directory.

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